The Art and Mastery of Muscle Testing

Hello, my name is Kimberlie Carlson, You are here, so chances are good that you know that I have created an incredible healing modality that heals allergies, inflammation and pain, BUT you may not know that I am a Master at the Art of Muscle Testing!

Muscle testing is such a helpful and useful tool in the energy healing work that I do, so much so that I teach it in my Certification Course for my modality.

Muscle Testing can be a phenomenal tool to use in our lives for so many different reasons. We can use it at the health food store, or grocery store to identify supplements and foods that are optimal for health. It can be so useful in helping us make choices on how and what to spend our money on.

You can use it in all different types of healing modalities to ask questions or go deeper on intuiting the information you are needing to guide and heal yourself, or your clients.

You can use it to identify belief systems that are creating struggle in your life, or specific trauma that needs to be healed to improve your health and your life, or to ask just about anything when you are searching for information for yourself and/or for others.

You can use this tool to confirm or validate information that is coming through intuitively, bringing extra confidence to your healing work, or practice. The questions you can ask, and the uses of muscle testing are limited only by your imagination!

Kimberlie Carlson

Muscle Testing is an Art, an art that anyone can learn!

In this class, I will share the secrets behind accuracy, (if you currently muscle test and you struggle with accuracy, this class may be just the answer you are looking for) and sharing my knowledge that comes from over 16 years of extensive use and practice.

This is Muscle Testing like you’ve never seen it before ! You may have read or heard about it or you may even use Muscle Testing in your current work as a healer or Energy Practitioner but no matter where you’re at right now, I can tell you for sure that you’re going to learn a LOT about this fundamental yet critical technique.

When you register for this class you will receive:

A 33 minute training video

A document with written instruction to refer to as well

A separate audio where I run the powerful attunement that I share with my practitioners called The Art and Mastery of Muscle Testing - which Downloads and activates you with the knowledge of muscle testing on the cellular level, resolving unique blocks that may be in the way of picking up this incredibly useful skill for each individual receiving it, followed by some specific belief work and downloads to clear out some common limiting programming as well as other energies that can be creating blocks to picking up this incredible tool.

An audio of my Sacred Light HeartBreath Connection for you to use to get into your heart, your body, to get really grounded and connected to your higher guidance, this meditation puts you into the theta brainwave state allowing you to connect more deeply with your own Sovereignty, amplifies your intuition. All of which will greatly assist you with becoming more accurate with your muscle testing.

You receive all of this when you purchase this class for just $57!

Praise & Love from Clients

I am so comfortable with my muscle testing now after learning it from you Kimberlie Carlson. Before that I was using my pendulum for everything.

~ Caroline Nixon

Ann Fleenor

I never trusted my results from muscle testing until I learned how to do it correctly from you Kimberlie Carlson! It's really been a game changer in so many ways! ❤

~ Ann Baber Fleenor

Kelly Penix Robbins

I always had to double check my muscle testing with my pendulum but now i breeze through muscle testing and don’t think twice. It’s so much nicer when you finally trust it! Thank you Kimberlie Carlson 😉

~ Kelly Penix Robbins

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