Releasing Food Allergies
and Healing the Digestive System

This incredible healing package includes my BRAND NEW power packed 9 part allergy healing series which takes you through clearing allergies/resistance and restoring harmony within you to over 800 different foods + many vital nutrients which are actually where most people’s allergies to foods begin – the vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins that our foods are comprised of.

PLUS a special healing audio that you can use to clear the exact foods and their ingredients that are on your plate at any meal to clear allergies to specific foods and ingredients that may not be in my EAH Allergy Kits. This is an incredibly valuable tool for those with complex, chronic food allergies! 

PLUS 4 additional healing audio’s to provide deeper shifts and support for weight issues, food addiction, gut-related pathogens, heavy metals, to greatly increase SELF LOVE and to heal your relationship with food and with your body!

Welcome to EAH Releasing Food Allergies and Healing the Digestive System, a comprehensive, easy to use program that contains a series of 14 in total powerful healing audio’s that I created to provide deep healing and support for people in clearing their complex food allergies, calming down the inflammation in the body that has been created due to these allergies, and bring them back into harmony with food, with their body, and to increase digestive health and function! 

In this package, you will be healing other important allergens for proper digestive function alongside those 800 + foods and food groups, like vitamins, minerals, proteins, emotions that commonly affect digestion, and the organs and tissues that make up the digestive system. 

Important Note: Addressing allergies to the nutrients required for a healthy functional body is VITAL!

When we are allergic to them (and everyone is allergic to some of these on some level) we aren’t able to absorb and utilize them properly, over time we become depleted and our health suffers as our body simply doesn’t have what it requires to function properly. In fact we are literally “starving” for these nutrients and that is part of feeling a hunger that never feels satisfied.

With this program you will begin to absorb and utilize vital nutrients to nourish your cells, glands, organs, and tissues, correcting deficiencies in your body to literally begin building a new higher functioning digestive system and body that will continue to get stronger over time!

Just as important is clearing allergies to the many parts of the body to calm down inflammation in our organs, glands, and other body tissues as these are also draining our energy, causing fatigue, contributing to food intolerances and compromising our body and it’s many intricate systems. 

When we receive allergy healing we are clearing resistance and restoring harmony within Self with the energies within us and all around……this literally transforms the way in which we experience our reality on all levels; Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally and Physically, making it easier to create love, joy, abundance and freedom in our lives.  So the benefits are far reaching, shifting so much within us, even when we are just focusing on foods and digestive health.

You will also release:

Trauma, programming, limiting/stuck emotions and other low vibrational energy patterns that are causing your body to reject and react to foods, vital nutrients, emotional states, to parts of your own body that are compromising digestive health.

Allergies, inflammation, and energetic blocks creating out of control cravings, addiction, and weight challenges.

Allergies and energetic blocks that are dimming your light, keeping you stuck, stealing your freedom, and that are ultimately keeping you from recognizing your worth, denying your own personal sacred power, and from loving yourself fully.

This Package Contains 14 Transformational Audios To:​

See The Descriptions Of All The Healing Tools That Make Up This Package Below:​

Kristi Olander

I just want to thank Kimberlie for her work! I had worked so hard to heal my food allergies and autoimmune digestive disorder with so many healers and healing techniques that I learned. It wasn’t until her energetic allergy healing program with the allergy healing and deep belief work I can finally eat dairy, cheese, wheat, gluten, grains and stay healthy!!

~Kristi Olander

Energetic Allergy Healing Foods Clearing Series

This 9 part healing series will take you through clearing allergies to over 800 different foods. 

Clearing allergies in the following categories: Grains, Dairy, Nuts and Seeds, Fats and Oils, Sugars, Proteins, Meats, Fish and Shellfish, Alcohol, Coffee, Chocolate, Tea, Beans and Legumes, Fruits, Vegetables, including Nightshades, Salt, Water, Food and Water Chemicals/Additives.

I’ve also included some fundamental nutrients that are crucial for most people to fully heal their food allergies. You’ll find these spread out through these 9 healings. 

These vital nutrients include the following: Vitamin A, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin F, Vitamin K, and all minerals, trace minerals.

We are also clearing other allergy factors to assist your body in detoxing and calming inflammation from metals, Candida, and other pathogens like E-Coli, Salmonella, Lyme Bacteria and Epstein Barr Virus which also reduces allergies and strengthens digestive and immune health. 

We are also working deeply within these tools to clear, heal and activate and expand your Root Chakra, and Solar Plexus which are the energy bodies most affecting your digestive system.

These healings are BIG as I was guided to include other EAH Healing Tools in each of the food clearing audio’s to bring through even more transformation with food allergies, accelerate healing the digestive system, release cravings, addictions, and weight issues

The other Healing Tools Included in this series of 9 food clearing audio’s are: Activate and Balance Your Meridians, Sovereign Freedom, Earth Trauma, Digestive System Healing, Digestive Support RX Healing, Harmony, Peace and Balance Restored, Birth Trauma, Womb Trauma, Inner Child Allergy Healing, Childhood Healing, and Divine Truth, Yeast in Balance, Parasite Release, and more…..*See descriptions of these EAH Healing Tools below

Energetic Allergy Healing Foods Clearing A includes allergy healing for – Grains, dairy and sugars + organs and tissues that make up the digestive system

There are 5 audio’s that are part of EAH Food Clearing A to address the complex energy patterns and combinations of allergies that create deep rooted allergies to grains, dairy and sugars for people

Energetic Allergy Foods Clearing B includes allergy healing for – Proteins, meat, seafood + minerals, vitamin B, minerals, trace minerals and metals, all forms of iron, all forms of calcium + organs and tissues that make up the digestive system

Energetic Allergy Healing Foods Clearing C includes allergy healing for – Alcohol, coffee, tea, chocolate, vinegars, fats/oil, nuts/seeds, beans and legumes + vitamin A, vitamin F, vitamin K, vitamin E organs and tissues that make up the digestive system

Energetic Allergy Healing Food Clearing D includes allergy healing for – Fruits, vegetables, nightshades, herbs + spices, vitamin D, vitamin C, and all colors in the color spectrum along with many other forms of radiation (this might sound strange, but radiation affects digestion in many ways for many people) organs and tissues that make up the digestive system

Energetic Allergy Healing Foods Clearing E includes allergy healing for – Salt, water, food and water chemicals/additives, food dyes, artificial sweeteners organs and tissues that make up the digestive system

Plus 2 additional healing audio’s:

An audio to clear the exact foods and ingredients that are on your plate (or in your glass) at any meal so you can clear allergies to foods and ingredients that may not be in my allergy kits

An audio food clearing audio that contains all of the foods in my kits in one audio for a general clearing that can be very effective at clearing simpler (less complex) food allergies for people

The Other Healing Tools Are Part of My Foods Clearing Series Audio's Are:

ACTIVATE AND BALANCE YOUR MERIDIANS – There are energy channels ‘transporting’ life energy (Chi/Qi) throughout the body. If there are blockages, leading to lack of energy supply to certain areas of the body, or a surplus of energy in other areas. It is only because of the existence of this energy in our body that we can move, breathe, digest food… think and even feel. 

This healing tool is bringing in the perfect Source light frequencies needed into and through the meridians of the body to dissolve and resolve all blockages, to open, activate, restore, stabilize and balance the flow of life force energy/chi in the highest and best way for all.

Includes Energetic Allergy Healing for the 12 main Meridians of the body, the correlating emotions and organs in the body, Chi energy, life force energy, and breath of life (the body meridians kit), oxygen, breathing, relaxing, stress, overwhelm, anxiety, the spiritual kit, people, events and places kit, the emotions/feelings kits.

I find it is great for people who lack energy and/or suffer from depression, and it helps healing we are receiving to go deeper as it pulls all of the healing energies being received through the 12 meridians of the body. 

SOVEREIGN FREEDOM – This healing is clearing slave and enslavement programming that we carry with many different types of people, beings, situations, and relationships, including foods, parts of our own bodies and our body as a whole, our own desires, the wants, needs and desires of others, to pathogens and the many microorganisms in our bodies and on this planet, and so much more!

Resolving and Dissolving beliefs, Oath, Vows and Contracts as well as trauma we are holding from many types and forms of slavery, servitude, and bondage programming that keep us stuck in unhealthy patterns and relationships of all kinds!

It also brings in powerful downloads to deepen your connection to your own Sovereignty and assist you in creating greater freedom from that place of Sovereignty as well as bringing in forgiveness for ALL involved in these Slavery experiences so that we can expand into greater love and Sacred Power.

EARTH TRAUMA –This is healing earth trauma, shock – clearing trauma as well as terror, panic, confusion, and chaos that you are holding from death and injuries you’ve experienced due to many different types of earth trauma you’ve experienced in this lifetime and all lifetimes, timelines, realities and dimensions as well as trauma you are holding from losing others that you love due to traumatic earth events, and/or witnessing the death and devastation of others, of your family, of villages, communities, cities, kingdoms, and civilizations.

Trauma from death, loss or injury in lifetimes of being buried alive as a form of murder, buried alive by others knowingly and unknowingly, trauma from being swallowed up by the earth in earthquakes, sandpits, and sinking mud, trauma from being buried alive in snow avalanches, trauma from volcanoes and volcanic eruptions, from being buried alive in volcanic debris, from the smoke and toxic volcanic gasses, from being caught and buried in lava flow, from being caught in desert storms, from being buried alive in sand.

Trauma from death, loss or injury from wind storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, being caught in and/or drowning in storms out at sea, falling down waterfalls, from drowning in the oceans, rivers, lakes, or hurricanes, from being hit by falling trees, being struck by lightning, or caught in forest fires or fires in our homes. 

Trauma from death, loss or injury from earth radiation, toxic earth gasses, or radiation poisoning, radiation exposure, from nuclear gasses and nuclear fallout.

Trauma from death, loss or injury in lifetimes of being buried alive in Silo’s full of grain, or seed.

Trauma from death loss or injury from all life experiences of working in mines, salt mines, coal mines, gold mines, diamond mines, from all precious gem, and metal mines that exist on this planet. 

Trauma from death, loss, injury or sickness from drinking contaminated water, or poisonous foods or from contaminated foods. 

Trauma from death, loss or injury from slipping and falling off cliffs, jumping off cliffs intentionally to run or flee from wild animals, people or Beings and falling to your death, death from falling while climbing mountains or large hills, hiking trails, crossing mountains, mountain trails, from being driven off the road.

Trauma loss or injury from droughts, loss of crops and animal stock, death from cold, from freezing to death, starvation, and poverty. Trauma, loss or injury from heatstroke, being burned or baked alive in the sun, from sun radiation. Trauma from grief, fear, loss of life, home and security and livelihood.

Includes allergy healing for: all traumatic earth events, all Earth trauma, Mother nature, earth, earth elements, minerals and metals, fungus, molds and mycotoxins, third dimension, 4th dimension, death, shock, terror, panic, confusion, grief, sorrow, sadness, rage, anger, anxiety, worry, stress, resentment, chaos, fear, anxiety, hurricanes, tornado’s, earthquakes, rivers, seas, oceans, lakes, waterfalls, environmental factors kit, smoke kit, radiation kit, pollution kit, spiritual kit, people, places and events kit, bladder, stomach, kidneys, adrenals, heart, brain, hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal, nervous system, skeletal system.

DIGESTIVE SYSTEM HEALING –This Healing goes deep dissolving negative programming with foods, with eating and nourishing our bodies. Clearing negative emotions being held in our stomach, and intestines. Dissolving abuse trauma carried and held in the stomach, clearing out karmic agreements not to eat or touch certain foods.

Dissolving anywhere we are not enough, that life is overwhelming, bringing Divine Source Love into our digestive system, downloading what it feels like to be loved and cherished and how to love and cherish ourselves, what it feels like to be safe and secure. 

This Healing also includes allergy healing for a group of energies to heal your digestive system and assist it to function on a higher level, including various foods, vitamins, minerals, emotions, parts of the body and bacteria.

You are also receiving a download and activation of the properties and frequencies of the vitamins and minerals and other nutrients essential and supportive of digestive function.

DIGESTIVE SUPPORT RX HEALING – This healing is part of a series to bring in a high energetic level of support for the immune system and immune health. 

It accomplishes this in several ways. One, by downloading and activating the properties and frequencies of the vitamins and minerals and other nutrients essential and supportive of digestive function as well as homeopathics to help you release bacterias like E Coli, H-Pylori and Salmonella that are often playing a role in digestive problems and we often aren’t aware of it.

Another is by Downloading, Activating and Healing the whole body with pure compassion, Divine Source Love, and forgiveness.

This healing is also using Spiritual technologies to amplify the healing effect with bacterias.

And most important in healing the immune system: Healing allergies to those critical nutrients needed to create a healthy body, healthy immune system, and the parts of the body, and emotions needed to accomplish this as well, AND healing allergies to bacterias themselves.

Energetic Allergy Healing is the best way I have found to assist the body with the absorption of the nutrients our body depends on. Most people are actually allergic to vital nutrients like minerals, vitamins, healthy fats, and proteins and just aren’t aware of it. But when we are, we are unable to use or absorb these nutrients and our immune health declines over time as it spirals from lack of proper nutritional support, often becoming severely deficient even when taking vitamin and mineral supplements.

Energetic Allergy Healing is also the best way I have found to assist the body with releasing pathogens like bacterias and calming down the inflammation and pain they can cause. It’s pretty mind blowing to discover how many of our pain patterns and health issues have bacterias involved and miraculous to see all the health challenges that heal when we identify the bacterias (and other pathogens involved) and heal them as allergies the way this modality does.

This Healing includes Energetic Allergy Healing for:  The Stomach, mouth, throat, small intestine, large intestine, liver, gallbladder, pancreas,the emotions: stress, tension, overwhelm, abuse, trauma, fear, nervousness, anxiety, emotions/feelings kit, spiritual kit, all E coli Species bacterias, all Salmonella Species bacterias, Beta strep A, Beta Strep D, Beta Strep C, Beta Strep B, H – Pylori Bacteria. 

HARMONY, PEACE AND BALANCE RESTORED – This Healing Tools breaks down resistance energies you are holding, the need to resist, avoid, fight against-this creates allergies, this creates inflammation, we don’t want to do this. We want to live in harmony, peace, balance with EVERYTHING! 

You can use this healing tool to bring in these vital energies of Harmony, Peace and Balance as well as use this tool to remove resistance with and bring harmony with specific energies you’ve identified you or your client as being challenged with.

This healing is bringing in Creator perspective and understanding of what it is to be in harmony with everything, and what it is and how to feel peace in our core and stay in balance even when others/the world around us are unable to feel that way or hold those frequencies. 

Downloading you on all levels, in all cells, all parts and aspects of you with the frequencies of harmony, peace, and balance. Allowing you to look at all things through new eyes and with new understanding so that you move into these frequencies with more and more things in your life. 

Downloading what it feels like to live without having to battle, or resist the specific energies that you have identified, and what it feels like to be in harmony, peace and balance with specific energies that you have identified.

Includes Allergy Healing for: peace, balance and harmony, human race/people, insecurity, resistance, the inflammation kit, confusion, unstable, confusion, contradiction, forgiveness, unforgiveness.

Audio #12 - Additional Support for Releasing Weight, Cravings and Addiction

This audio contains 7 powerful healing tools all layered into one to go deeper on healing your relationship with and around food, eating and nourishing your body.

These are:

  • Digestive System Repair
  • Emotional Eating/Food Addiction
  • Food Chemicals/Chemicals Release
  • Food is my Friend
  • Yeast in Balance
  • Heavy Metal Detox
  • Parasite Release Healing

Here are brief descriptions of the 7 healing tools that make up this audio:

DIGESTIVE SYSTEM REPAIR –This healing focuses on healing our relationship with our own digestive system. Eliminating stress patterns that we are holding in our guts, and the need to hold this in our guts. Clearing out deep long standing fears about survival, the inability to see the big picture, the inability to digest or assimilate our feelings and our experiences.

Helps you get grounded so your digestive system and body can be fueled by the supportive energies of Gaia. 

Bringing in who we are on a soul level, the knowledge that nothing really can hurt us, bringing in frequencies of protection, safety, peace, and the ability to digest and assimilate life with ease and joy.

Includes allergy healing for: BBF, Stomach, large intestine, small intestine, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, digestion, metabolism, assimilation, processing, stress, overwhelm, unsafe, safe, joy, love, protection, safety, harmony, security, stability and peace, spiritual kit, people, events and places kit, inflammation kit, immune system kit. 

EMOTIONAL EATING/FOOD ADDICTION – This healing clears and heals the need to get our emotional imbalances or deficiencies corrected or met with food and eating. Dissolves programming to punish ourselves or others with what we feed our bodies. Healing our relationship with yourself, your own emotions and the world of emotion. Expands your self love, self appreciation and inner joy, increasing your ability to comfort, reassure, or reward yourself in positive, healthy ways.

FOOD CHEMICALS/CHEMICAL RELEASE – The chemicals in so many of our foods today are ADDICTIVE. As you receive the allergy healings for various nutrients, foods, sugars, yeasts, parts of your own body, and emotions you will notice a change in your former cravings and food chemicals are right in there as one of those things our body may signal us to eat. It’s often more about the pathogenic microorganisms that are signaling us to ingest foods containing chemicals (yeast, some bacterias, and parasites love the the stuff)

So this healing will support those of you who crave fast and processed foods as well as help those with multiple chemical sensitivities. 

It is clearing out programming around food chemicals, and other environmental pollutants, toxins, and chemicals as well. Dissolving and resolving toxic emotions you have been storing that has caused you to crave, attract and store these toxins in the first place…assisting you to release them from your body and energy centers. Helping you in releasing any addiction to them.

Includes allergy healing for: EAH pollution kit, EAH food and water chemicals kit, artificial sweeteners, phenolics, water, the other environmental agents kit, detergents and cleaning agents kit, skincare kit, cosmetic kit, fabrics and materials kit, plastics, perfumes, and fragrances, medications, drugs, anesthesia, antibiotics, vaccines.

FOOD IS MY FRIEND – Clears negative beliefs about food, anywhere that food is a threat to our bodies or our enemy, melts away resistance we have with and around food and eating.

Resolves and dissolves trauma and emotions you have picked up and are holding from the animals, plants and the planet itself that are in the foods you are ingesting. Resolving Karmic debt with the animals and plant life on this planet.

This healing also brings you into the vibration of harmony, peace, balance, and love with food, for food, and for ourselves, bringing in Creators understanding of food and nourishment, restoring our relationship to food and our bodies back to love.

YEAST IN BALANCE – Yeast overgrowth/imbalances are so commonly an underlying cause for the many different types of health challenges we deal with, from weight issues, mental disorders, skin problems, digestive diseases and disorders, to compromised immune health and that is just naming a few. 

We struggle with yeast overgrowth when we weren’t allowed to have boundaries for ourselves growing up, or when we are stuck in patterns steeped in resentment and anger. When we are in relationships or circumstances where we feel unable to ask for what we need, where we feel overlooked, unimportant, or where we are repressed, suppressed, manipulated or controlled. Where we feel we have to sacrifice who we are or what we need for others.

This healing is clearing out these patterns, trauma we are holding from these experiences, and dissolving deep hidden resentment and anger that are causing yeast to take over.

It brings Source love/light in to shine into the dark places that yeast thrive causing unfriendly and out of control yeast to die off, restoring balance and creating harmony in the interdependent relationship between you and the yeast that your body needs to thrive.

Includes allergy healing for Yeasts, molds and fungus, sugars, cold, heat, dampness, environmental factors kit, resentment, anger, guilt, insecurity, bitterness, frustration, irritation, hatred, rage, helplessness, regret, insecurity, low self-worth, low self-esteem, remorse, and shame.

HEAVY METAL DETOX – This healing shines light on the heavy metals we are storing in our bodies, in our cells and tissues, to dissolve, clear release and the metals and any parasites in these areas and to heal the body where it has been compromised. It is dissolving and resolving programming that is attracting these metals and causing our bodies to store them.

Includes downloads to rewire the brain and body so it knows how to create and have a good emotional foundation and a healthy emotional structure, which is missing when we have issues with metal toxicity. 

Assists you in releasing toxic metals and parasites with ease and in multiple ways.

It’s Clearing trauma held and stored from metal poisoning and toxicity. Trauma from death, loss, disease, or injury from all life experiences of working in mines, salt mines, coal mines, gold mines, diamond mines, from all precious gem, copper mines, iron mines, and all metal mines that exist on this planet. 

Contains specific belief and trauma work for lead and mercury poisoning and toxicity.

Includes allergy healing for: metals including mercury, lead, arsenic, fluoride, aluminum, the earth elements, minerals and metals kit, salt, spiritual kit, people, events and places kit, emotions/feelings kit, the blood kit, brain, nervous system, glands and organs kits, skeletal system kit, cell/DNA/RNA kit, the head kit (including the mouth and dental materials/fillings), inflammation kit, immune system kit, parasite kit, environmental factors kit. 

PARASITE RELEASE HEALING –This healing is clearing out many programs, emotions, trauma, and patterns of being or feeling taken advantage of. We are susceptible to parasites when we hold patterns that allow others into our lives who drain us, take advantage of our kindness, who “suck the life out of us”. 

Dissolving oaths, vows and contracts to allow others to do this to us. 

Clearing out programs and patterns of only being loved, seen, accepted by our parents, families and others when we follow their rules, do what they say, and meet their expectations.

Beliefs around not being worthy or allowed to have safe and healthy boundaries with our parents, families and others.

Clearing programming we carry that we have to work hard to be loved, Love is earned, anywhere we have to sacrifice our own happiness in order to be validated, or loved and so much more!

We are also working with heavy metals with the allergy healing included here as parasites are attracted to the places in our bodies that have heavy metals.

Includes allergy healing for the extensive list of parasites in my allergy kits, heavy metals, trauma from narcissism, trauma from being taken advantage of, and the emotions: unforgiveness, forgiveness, boundaries, love, selfishness, guilt, rage, anger, and grief.

Audio #13 - Additional Support for Releasing Weight, Cravings and Food Addiction

This audio contains 7 powerful healing tools all layered into one to go deeper on healing your relationship with and around food, eating and nourishing your body.

These are:

  • Drop Your Armor
  • Shrink Your Fat Cells
  • Activate Your Metabolism
  • Put Down Your Burden
  • Divine Truth
  • Healing Your Relationship with People
  • Healing Your Relationship with Water 

Audio #14 - Healing Your Relationship with Love

This audio has just one focus, a necessary and incredibly important focus for healing our bodies and our lives… up distorted perceptions and understandings of love. Beliefs, trauma, emotions and other energy patterns that we carry from our experiences that tell us love is fear, that love is guilt, is shame, is punishment or abuse and ultimately aligning us with love in it’s pure, true form and expanding our ability to receive it from others and to give it ourselves…..unconditionally and without judgement. 

I’m Ready To Release Food Allergies And Heal My Digestive System!


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Miracle Healing Client Stories​

My life has taken such an upward swing thanks to Kimberlie’ s unique approach to healing. I’ve been around the block a few times trying to deal with multiple health challenges….No more food allergies, I eat what I want. And a number of other serious and painful conditions are now gone or greatly improved.Thank You Kim. I’m grateful every day!

~Shauna Peterson

Before I met Kimberlie, I was allergic to everything I put in my mouth. I was on a very strict diet for a couple of months, and then I met Kimberlie and I went through her allergy healing program and my life completely changed. I am now able to eat anything I want. 

I really recommend Kimberlie’s program. She is an amazing healer. 

~Madalyn Hope

My daughter was 6 months old when I came to Kim and she had eczema really bad.  She was breast fed only and she was getting it on her legs and ankles and she was getting it on her face and the Dr kept telling me to change my diet.  So she had me eating meat, quinoa and green vegetables…and it didn’t do anything for the eczema.  It wasn’t getting any better and after working with Kim, I think it was 2 weeks and her eczema totally went away.  And I completely healed and I was able to eat whatever I wanted after that.

~Stacey Ellis Spain

My 13 year old has made a switch in his eating without any input except this clearing allergies. He has decided to eat healthy. WHAT?? This has been a problem with him for years. It’s a miracle. 

~Gloria Gerhing

My family and I have all received allergy healing from Kim, and it has truly been life changing. My oldest daughter has Celiac Disease and severe food allergies. At one point all she could eat was apples, almond butter, quinoa and kale. 

After working with Kim, she can now eat a pretty normal diet! It changed her life. 

Kim had also helped with many environmental allergies, including dust, molds, cats, chemicals and pollen. 

I can’t say enough good things about this work- it heals on so many levels. It can truly change your life!

~Elysia Hartzell

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