Creator and founder of the Energetic Allergy Healing Modality   Multidimensional Healer, Teacher, and Mentor

This Is How You Set Yourself Free

You’re driving down an open road and your favorite song begins to play on the radio…

The sun is shining through the trees and the air smells sweet…

Maybe you’re on your way to meet your best friend…

Maybe you’re about to feel the warm embrace of your lover…

Maybe you’re headed out of town after a long, hard week at work…

Can you imagine that feeling in your heart?

The pure happiness that inspires you to fall in love with all of life?

For a moment in time, the discomfort, the heartache, the anxiety and the sadness you feel are gone…

Like magic.

The headache, the throbbing twist in your stomach or whatever physical pain you are used to living with completely disappear.

You love these moments.

You just about live for these moments.

When you’re in these moments you feel free, alive, vibrant, filled with energy and vitality and joy…

But these moments are fleeting and they’re gone almost as soon as they arise.

You’ve learned to live with this but it shouldn’t be this way…

You deserve to feel alive and joyful and full of energy every single day of your life.

Then you wouldn’t need that whole pint of ice cream, that pack of cigarettes, that relationship that’s not right for you or any other unhealthy patterns…

Not long ago I experienced all of this and more…

I spent my childhood and much of my adult life with chronic ear infections, allergy to dust and molds, sinus infections, bladder infections which went to my kidneys three times (this started an antibiotic loop and years long battle with yeast infections).

I experienced chronic fatigue and an episode of Epstein Barr Virus that hit me so hard in high school that I failed my first three classes because I couldn’t get out of bed in the mornings.

I ended up needing a tutor to pass the 9th grade!

Let’s throw in brain fog, hay fever, food allergies, skin problems, and my unpredictable digestive system…

It was a cataclysmic cycle of pain, struggle and desolation and I thought it would go on forever… but then I discovered a unique, powerful methodology called Energetic Allergy Healing…

And every single condition, illness and allergy that I struggled with disappeared.

In fact, I can’t remember the last time I struggled with any of these health issues!

Since I discovered this incredible healing modality, I’ve made it my mission to help as many people as possible, move from pain and struggle to lasting health, vitality and high energy.

My deepest wish and passion is to free as many people as I can from unhealthy patterns of abuse and addictions and from headaches and stomach aches, chronic pain or disease in the body so they can step into joy, health, abundance and fall in love with life and with themselves!

Energetic Allergy Healing is a one-of-a-kind healing modality. There’s nothing else quite like it anywhere in the world.

I have combined the power of several different methods of energy healing, including theta healing, the Instant Miracle, Peace Process, Ultra High Frequency transmission, and an allergy clearing technique that is my own, to create this very special modality.

This work can free you from the endless cycle of addiction, pain and struggle and you can have your allergies — all of them — eliminated. Gone!

What is Energetic Allergy Healing?

Energetic Allergy Healing is a life-changing modality that completely heals and eliminates allergies and inflammation from our bodies. An allergy is traditionally defined as a hypersensitive physical response to specific substances, but it is so much more than that.

An allergy is essentially inner resistance showing up as a negative, immune reaction in your body. Resistance is the absence of harmony. When you are in any kind of resistance - emotional, and/or spiritual - you are literally absorbing this resistance into your body. This is how allergies and inflammation are created.

Allergy healing releases this unconscious resistance and restores harmony by dissoving deep negative programming, traumas, and emotions that are causing this resistance within you. When this happens, your body naturally falls back into alignment with your external and internal environment at the energetic and cellular levels.

As a result, substances in your environment, such as grains, pollens and dust, that previously caused an allergic reaction will no longer affect you because you have reached deep harmony on a spiritual, energetic and cellular level.

This healing is done energetically, which means I can do this work for you no matter where you live in the world.

I will start by clearing allergies with a system which is arranged in the order of priority for your body to build and support a strong immune system. I use muscle testing to determine what allergies you have and their priority.

I start by checking the basics, the elements with which our bodies are built, like proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Then I move on to making sure the digestive system is clear of the things it needs to function at its best since digestion must be good for every other part of your body, including your brain, to be fed properly, and function properly.

Once that is done you can move on to the "fun" stuff that really gets people excited like clearing allergies to their pets, pollens, foods (like dairy and grains), or any other foods that keep you from fully experiencing and enjoying your life.

Most people don't realize that they are sensitive to so many things, and that many of these are affecting their bodies in many complex ways.

This work is also very successful to help you overcome addictions.

With Energetic Allergy Healing, you can clear your allergies or sensitivities to any of the things you crave, sugars, alcohol, salt, fats, dairy, carbs, even fast food (yes those food chemicals are highly addictive), and the result is a significant reduction or complete resolution of your cravings and for any or all of the addictions that wreak havoc on your health and your body.

But there’s more…

This work goes much deeper than just healing an allergy or sensitivity on a physical level…

All allergies are connected to low vibrational emotions, like fear, guilt, shame, anger, and resentment.

Healing allergies will create a powerful shift in your physical body and your energy bodies, releasing all of those low vibration emotions, allowing you to shift into joy, love, peace and abundance, making more room in your body for your beautiful soul.

So if you suffer from any or all of these conditions:

  • FEMALE ISSUES such as infertility, fibroids, PCOS, polyps, endometriosis
  • OVERWEIGHT but feel constantly hungry

Energetic Allergy Healing is a powerful modality that will release you from all of these conditions and more.

It can set you free.

If you are any of your loved ones live with any of these disorders, symptoms or diseases, click on the link below and we can started!

Take Your First Step to Freedom and Book a Free Call with Me

Watch my webinar below to get a clearer understanding of how all this works.

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