Love & Praise from Kim’s Happy Clients & Students

I’ve been using the EAH healings almost every time I do work on myself or others! I am so thankful for this sharing of these tools! I’ve been doing similar work in the past but not as efficiently. I’m still in the process of making my business official but would like permission to use your logo when I do. Thanks for everything! I also want to give appreciation for the integrity and non judgement you bring to this course and our classes. I’ve studied energy work for almost 30 years and this hasn’t always been my experience.
~ Kimberley Ingram Castillo
Kerry Chun
Stacy Edland
I'm probably a little different than most everybody getting into this work as far as I'm not a professional healer. So I don't have a clientele. I'm a stay at home Mom.

I work on friends, my family and the wild animals that are around.

I love that in taking your class, which is an incredible investment, I have learned so much! I'm an energetic energy healing practitioner and also an EAH Advanced practitioner, so it's been a lot of growth within this year, but these tools have empowered me to take my healing into my own hands, to not rely on the doctors that we're always seeing. I'm empowered now. I use these tools every single day.

Even if you're not doing this with clients, doing it for yourself and your family and friends has been an amazing opportunity and growth. Thank you, Kimberlie.
~ Kerri-Anne Barbee
Celia Conrad
I met Kimberlie two years ago, I had an iodine allergy for 10 years, and I listened to the radio show that she was speaking on and immediately knew I had to have it. I purchased her Live Allergy Free Program, I went it twice. It was working for me, it changed everything, especially spiritually for me, it just got rid of all the junk I was carrying.....not having the confidence to do what I wanted to do. And that's what she healed for me. AND, I can eat iodine now. So it's all gone.

I don't have any food allergies anymore. I'd like to use this healing work with animals.

With all of the EAH Tools (across both of your courses), I'm coming up with all kinds of ideas for healing packages for animals.

Thank you for everything you do.
~ Misae Jennings
Celia Conrad
I am so excited to have found Energetic Allergy Healing (only 4 weeks ago). No coïncidence. Have been looking for more than 2 decades to find the modality I want to work with. With EAH I feel I can help (of course first myself) so many other people. It is definitely a tool the world needs now and for the future. Preventing sickness is so paramount and bringing people back to their own innate self healing abilities. Thank you Kimberlie Carlson for bringing this to the world with such a balanced, grounded and quantum perspective.
~ Maria Abrahamsz
Celia Conrad
I've been incorporating the energetic allergy healings for with my clients with great success. The tools Kim teaches are amazing.

You can use these tools on the fly, wherever you are, which I really love.

It's been the best investment! And I'm so glad that I have it. It's something you have in your back pocket now to use for yourself, for our own healing. I love having this reassurance because it just gives an extra layer of like health and wellness that I know I can have for myself and my family. I love about it. So thank you, Kim."
~ Shelley Tomelin
Celia Conrad
After being a psychotherapist for thirty years, I can see how the entire field of psychology must change. We have to get your modality out there! I use my therapeutic tools too, but there's nothing like spontaneous healing that occurs when you get to the underlying issues and Energetic Allergy Healing does that.

I have clients that have huge changes in behavior utilizing your modality. I saved a marriage from divorce, an 18 yr. old self-cutter has hope and harmony, and I could go on and on.

Every client who lets me use EAH rather than talk therapy alone, is thriving.
~ Lorraine Castro
Celia Conrad
I've healed some deep core wounds with myself in her courses and being a Practitioner I've been able to shift my family out of all sorts of illnesses and conditions.

I'm also getting such great feedback too on this work from my clients. More than any other modalities I've worked with! ❤️ Love love her stuff!
~ Ruth Hermida

"Now I can eat anything I want..."

Working with Kim has truly changed my life! Before she helped me I was very allergic to "all things cow," as I used to say it. I couldn't eat anything with gluten in it without experiencing inflamed joints and GI problems. I had seasonal allergies that required medication all year round... You get the picture! Now I can eat anything I want, no longer take allergy medicine, and feel better than I can ever remember feeling! Thank you Kim!
Karen J. Fox

"Cleared my thyroid and thyroid-produced hormones..."

My family and I have all received allergy healing from Kim, and it has truly been life changing. My oldest daughter had severe food allergies and at one point all she could eat was apples, almond butter, quinoa and kale.

After working with Kim, she can now eat a pretty normal diet! It changed her life.

Kim had also helped with many environmental allergies, including dust, molds, cats, chemicals and pollen.

She has also healed my allergy/sensitivity to hormones and parts of my endocrine system. I was in complete adrenal failure, and healing my adrenals and adrenaline resolved that.

She also cleared my thyroid, and thyroid-produced hormones, and afterwards when I had my thyroid tested, my doctor told me the entire office was envious of my thyroid levels, because they had never seen such good levels before!

I can't say enough good things about this work- it heals on so many levels. It can truly change your life!
Elysia Hartzell

"I haven't gotten a migraine in over a year."

Four and a half years ago, I was diagnosed with celiac (autoimmune disorder), as well as many severe food allergies. I had frequent debilitating migraines, stomach aches, and near constant brain fog. Additionally, almost everything I ate made me sick. I sometimes went days with eating only apples, because they were one of the only things that my body could tolerate. Because of my celiac, even being in the same room as gluten could set off horrible, day-long reactions. But Kim changed all of that.

I no longer have to live with perpetual food anxiety. I haven't gotten a migraine in over a year. The dark circles under my eyes that I thought I was doomed with forever vanished. I can think clearly and stay alert all day long. I can actually go out to restaurants and be completely okay.

Thanks to Kim, I'm now able to eat pretty much everything except gluten! And honestly, it's nothing short of life changing.
Sabrina Rose Nelson

"I love your energy and I feel safe in your hands."

I just wanted to pop in and send you some love!!! I am so damn grateful for you! I'm grateful because I found you! - even if you were referred! Lol I'm grateful because I love your energy and I feel safe in your hands. I'm grateful because I feel better. I'm grateful because we are doing great things together. For this and more I am grateful. Thank you!
Catherine Navaro

"I have little to no inflammation issues."

‎I highly recommended Kimberlie's Energetic Allergy Program to anyone suffering from allergies, fatigue symptoms or overall feelings of poor health. After recently going through her Allergy Program I have so much more energy, have little to no inflammation issues, and feel so much better! Kimberlie is patient, kind and an exceptional practitioner who is so very knowledgeable and I am so very grateful for her.
Bailey Sprow

"I'm able to run, sprint and work out at a level I've never been able to achieve before."

Before I worked with Kim I had major lung and breathing problems for most of my life. Now I'm able to run, sprint and work out at a level I've never been able to achieve before. After clearing all of the negative blocks and emotions associated with my past allergy issues, I have way more creative energy, far less irrational fear that I didn't even know I had. I also have a renewed ability to see things and people for what they are instead of through the false filters of negative emotional states. I can't stress enough the value and growth Kim and Creator have brought into my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Jesse Call

"For the first time in nearly a year I was able to feel fully present and comfortable in my skin again."

I came to Kimberlie in a state of complete physical breakdown - for the last 6 months I had been dealing with a recurring skin rash (folliculitis) that would periodically spread over most of my body - the itch was unbearable, and it was severely undermining my life.

Within minutes of jumping on a call with her and having her scan me, she had identified the allergic basis for my problem and began working on me.

I knew at this point that she was the real deal because I felt an immediate tangible shift in my symptoms! I should tell you that I work for a well-known vibrational healer, so I have a GOOD understanding when someone is legit and is a hack - it was a relief to know I was in good hands.

I joined her allergy program, Miracle Healing:The Energetic Allergy Healing Group Program and over the weeks that followed I was astonished to watch a rash that wasn’t responding to antibiotics or any anything else I tried, fade away one session at a time. As the course came to an end, this condition finally disappeared completely, and for the first time in nearly a year I was able to feel fully present and comfortable in my skin again. Additionally I felt energized and with a new sense of clarity about what I was doing professionally and personally - talk about a BONUS!

I can’t put a price tag on what Kim and her extensive knowledge, skill and special energetic abilities around allergies created in my life.

Mat Shaffer

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