Energetic Allergy Healing Certification

The Only Healing Program That Gives You the Tools to Eliminate Allergies,
Reverse Inflammation, and Set Yourself Free From Emotional Pain and Trauma

Ready for the Life-Altering Healing Experience
That’s Already Restored Health and
Happiness to Thousands Around the World?

Next Live Class Begins October 2024 (exact day will be shared this summer)

But you don't have to wait!

This class is designed to work perfectly as a self-study course, so you can get started healing allergies and inflammation right away (you’ll receive an email invite to join the next live class at no additional charge!)

When you sign up, you will also receive access to my in depth 13-Week Miracle Energetic Allergy Healing Program (value: $797) absolutely FREE!!! (see below for details)

You were born to live FREE You've always sensed it, perhaps for as long as you can remember.

You were destined to live freely—free from allergies, inflammation, and the chronic, painful health issues that prevent you from embracing life fully.

Imagine a life liberated from the trauma and negative programming that deter you from pursuing your most ambitious dreams.

Consider the possibilities when you are free from the physical and emotional pain that leaves you feeling hopeless, lost, and alone. Envision achieving true freedom at every level of your being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Can you imagine the transformation in your life when you have the liberty to go where you desire, do what you enjoy, and be your authentic self?

Here’s what you need to understand: you are here at this moment because it’s where you’re meant to be, ready to embark on a journey of deep healing.

I want you to know that I’m here to support you in experiencing the freedom you were meant to enjoy. I’m here to guide you in realizing the truth of your luminous soul, so you can illuminate the path for others. As your guide, teacher, and friend, I am with you every step of the way.

I’m Kimberlie Carlson and I’m the Founder and Creator of The World’s First and Only Energetic Allergy Healing Modality

From my earliest memories, my life has been a battle against a myriad of health challenges.

Chronic fatigue, Epstein Barr Virus, hay fever, brain fog, food allergies, digestive issues, recurring ear and sinus infections, persistent strep throat, adult acne, skin disorders, and bladder infections severe enough to affect my kidneys four times over, just to name a few. 

And that barely scratches the surface!

Yet, through years of deep personal growth and transformative encounters with remarkable healers, I came to an eye-opening realization…

Healing Beyond the Surface: Uncovering the Roots of Wellness

Discovering the Source

I quickly realized my journey to health was about more than just physical symptoms. Every issue I faced—each allergy, bout of inflammation, and wave of pain—was a signal, echoing deeper traumas, emotional scars, and layers of doubt and fear etched into my very energy.

Unlocking the Key to Liberation

This revelation steered me towards an extraordinary path of exploration and healing. I immersed myself in research and practice, determined to find a way through. The result was a pioneering healing technique, not just a method but a revolution in wellness. It became my lifeline, enabling me to heal from decades of chronic conditions and emotional burdens.

A Daily Practice for Total Wellness

Now, this technique is my daily sanctuary, supporting me spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. It empowers me to face life’s challenges with resilience, joy, and a profound sense of freedom. It’s a source of hope, offering release from the grips of allergies, pain, and emotional suffering.

An Invitation to Transform

This healing journey has been transformative, revealing the power of addressing the root causes of illness. I’m excited to share this journey with you, guiding you towards unlocking your own healing and freedom. Are you ready to discover the true source of your wellness?

This is Your Invitation to Change Lives Forever.

This is Your Invitation to Become a Certified
Energetic Allergy Healing Practitioner

The Energetic Allergy Healing Course is an intensive learning and training certification program that will happen online, over 12 weeks.  

I’ve designed this course so you’ll have everything you need to become an extraordinary healer.

You’ll be able to take what you learn and start healing yourself and your loved ones immediately after the program.

And if you choose to do so, you can become a certified Energetic Allergy Healing practitioner so you can work with this life-changing modality as a professional healer.

If you’re already working with healing clients, Energetic Allergy Healing also works perfectly as a powerful addition to your healing toolkit (in fact many professional healers have told me that Energetic Allergy Healing is their #1 go-to healing tool!)

As a Certified Energetic Allergy Healing
Practitioner You Will:

Experience deep healing as you uncover hidden healing gifts and amplify your intuitive, natural healing abilities (trust me - these healing gifts are in you now even if you don’t think they are!)

Take charge of your health and happiness – maybe for the first time in your life – so you can live in an endless stream of abundant health, vitality, purpose, joy and freedom.

Forever have the skills, techniques and tools to reverse inflammation, eliminate allergies and release trauma and emotional pain for yourself, your loved ones and your clients

Receive powerful attunements, activations, and releases to assist you in stepping into higher levels of intuition and self-mastery.

Establish a deeply healing and potent bond with your Spirit Guides or your Divine Team as you experience spiritual expansion and step into your role as a healer

Become known as a truly powerful, and transformational healer as you expand your reach and help more and more people

Gain the skills you need to build a brand new spiritual business around your healing gifts (if that’s your desire) or expand your current spiritual business with a new healing modality so you can start to experience greater wealth while serving and healing others.

Become more magical and more grounded all at the same time as you learn to trust your inborn healing gifts with clarity and confidence

Connect with your Higher Self and your Soul Purpose in this life so you can serve, support and heal yourself, family, friends and loved ones. You can also choose to work with clients and share your gifts with an ever widening circle of people around the world

Feel authentically confident and empowered as you begin to overcome your fears around illness, pain and allergies to live a bigger, more active and fulfilling life of freedom and health.

Have the chance to learn how to become a world-class Energetic Allergy Healing Practitioner!

Praise & Love from Energetic Allergy Healing Practitioners

Madalyn Hope

“I have stepped into a greater understanding of my power, and how everything is so easy…”

This weekend has been one of the most intense 3 days of my life. Something major has shifted. I wrote in my journal “I am enough. I am safe. I am secure. I am a healer. I am divinity. I am light. I am love. I am abundance. I am free. I am worthy.” 

It’s like I have stepped into the next level of understanding on all these things. I have stepped into a greater understanding of my power, and how everything is so easy, if we can believe it is. I feel like I’ve gone through birth with a completely different understanding of life.

Thank you for all that you have done, Kim. I’m honored to be part of the first wave of practitioners, before the ocean comes pouring in!

Thank you for all that you have done, Kim. I’m honored to be part of the first wave of practitioners, before the ocean comes pouring in

~ Madalyn Hope

Alexandra Stead

“I knew I was going to learn how to assist others with healing through this modality, but what I didn’t expect is how it would change my life for the better…”

Taking the Energetic Allergy Healing Certification class up-leveled my personal and professional life in a HUGE way. I loved the idea of Kimberlie’s modality allowing me to work with people all over the globe no matter the distance. 

Her method is simple to learn and easy to use. I knew I was going to learn how to assist others with healing through this modality, but what I didn’t expect is how it would change MY life for the better. 

I am an intuitive healer, just starting my business and sharing my abilities with the public. I have always had a strong connection to my intuition, but using Energetic Allergy Healing on myself strengthened my spiritual gifts and opened them up even further.

~ Alexandra Stead

Here’s What You’ll Experience When You Join
The Energetic Allergy Healing Course

Class 1

Live Kick Off Call: Tuning Into Energetic Allergy Healing

Segment One: Absorb, Accept, Integrate

This is our first day together so it’s time to have a little fun and get acquainted. We’ll also do some powerful trauma clearing, belief work, feeling downloads, activations and allergy healing so you can start to absorb, accept and integrate your role as a healer and your ability to work with this modality with power, ease, grace and integrity.

Segment Two: Meet Your Spiritual Team

Here’s where you start experiencing magic! You’ll be introduced to the energies related to this work and I’ll guide you to tune into the Spiritual Guides who will come forward to help you with this work. We will have the protection and guidance of an Andromedan Guide who will step forward to assist each of us during this experience. I will be helping you clear your blocks – including implants – essentially anything that stands in the way of you connecting to your Spiritual Guides so you can easily receive the Divine Downloads and Messages needed to carry out this work. I’ll be bringing through a bubble of energy protection around this work ensuring that it is used with integrity and honor.

Class 1 Attunements & Activations

Sacred Light Technology Tuneup Attunement

This is a powerful attunement that removes or dissolves Sacred Light Technologies that are no longer needed or are outdated or are no longer in resonance with.

Dissolving and resolving all Sacred Technologies and structures that have been Infiltrated, breached, and/or distorted.

It also dissolves and unwinds discordant energies that have come through any of the tools from the teacher or “activator”.

Repairing and upgrading all Sacred Light Technologies and Structures that you currently have that are in resonance with you and that are serving your highest and best good with the highest dimensional frequencies available to us.

Formatting the DNA to match the new frequencies, creating the support necessary for you to hold and anchor the updated structures and technologies and higher energies needed to operate them.

This will upgrade your whole operating system.


The left side, which is our feminine side, that divine feminine, is our receiver…when we have issues receiving we may notice or experience physical symptoms in the left side of our bodies. When we have trouble receiving we end up out of balance in our feminine and masculine.

This imbalance is so important to work on as it is commonly at the root of autoimmune diseases and disorders as well as many of our more challenging life patterns.

This healing is activating your receptors, or your receiving points in your cells and in your energy bodies, resolving and dissolving limiting programming around and with receiving…bringing in the worthiness of receiving so you can receive love, joy and all high frequency states of consciousness, and your ability to do this without guilt, shame or punishment.

Includes Allergy Healing for: Cells of the body, DNA/RNA, the heart, the brain, the nervous system, receiving, love, wealth, freedom, respect, Self Worth, pleasure, joy, happiness, fulfilment, unworthiness, and abundance.

Reclaiming My Heart (includes the Heart and High Heart Chakras)

This healing is assisting you in calling back all parts of your heart, high heart & emotional bodies, anywhere you have given it to someone or something that no longer serves you, or you allowed someone to take it and never retrieved it. Calling back all keys you have ever given to another or have allowed to be taken and held by another.

Calling back all tethers or cords that you need back to be perfect, whole and complete and the total owner of your own heart and your heart is yours command. Going back in time and coming out of Resonance with your Mothers heart patterning, bringing your heart into resonance with your own heart, high heart & emotional body. Calling in the perfect Divine Guides to heal any distorted, disrupted, or discordant energies or heart patterning.

Releasing all attachments, hooks, cords to any energies or beings that have attached themselves or hooked into your heart, high heart & emotional body that are wrestling with you for control of your own heart, high heart & emotional body.

Bringing in Archangel Michael and the Band of Mercy to remove, delete, dissolve, and transform any and all energies, implants, entities, distortions in your heart, anything that is not you, not yours.

Reclaiming My Inner Healer

Calling back your Healer Aspect of Self. Resolving trauma from times where you have fragmented or fractured off from this part of yourself, dissolving distortion in your healer Self Aspect, reconnecting you with knowledge, cellular memories and abilities that have been honed and fine-tuned through lifetimes, bringing this aspect forward for full re-integration.

Energetic Allergy Healing

This will attune you to the healing energies of the Energetic Allergy Healing Modality so it’s easy and natural for you to run these energies.

Segment Three: Creating a Safe Space

I’ll be sharing some ground rules so we can create a high vibrational, safe space where we can all share freely and connect deeply to the energetic magic we’ll be diving into, over the course of the program. We’ll also go over other important details that govern this work including our agreement, so we are all clear on how we can use this work for the highest good and move forward with confidence and peace of mind

Class 2

Becoming a Channel of Pure Source Energy for Potent Healing

Video Training

  • Learn all about the heart, grounding, and why these are so vital to our health and happiness.
  • Receive the following incredibly effective and powerful meditation processes to use for yourself and/or your clients to get truly in your heart, in your body, grounded and connected to your higher guidance systems:
  • Learn how to work with the Sacred Light Heartbreath Connection Meditation, and the Sacred Light OneHeart Connection Meditation (you’ll also receive a shortened version to choose from when you have limited time).
  • Receive potent healing with multiple allergy healing tools to build off of the healing work we do together during our first class to activate and expand your healing skills and abilities, including the following:

Class 2 Attunements & Activations

Divine Discernment and Integrity

To do high level work in the world requires discernment, requires integrity, wisdom, the qualities of a balanced and mature healer! The more of these virtues we embody, the more
we are granted access to our power because only with these virtues will we use our power wisely!!

This healing is bringing in a higher level of discernment, wisdom, kindness, truth, tolerance, strength, and compassion, downloading and teaching Creators definition, perspective and understanding of these virtues, making ours the same, bringing in higher wisdom, connecting you in with your Divine Aspect, closing the gap here, activating God Consciousness on a new level.

Also bringing in new structures, new light codes to strengthen your subtle bodies, merging and strengthening your connection to your Divine Aspect who is there always communicating with you to guide and direct you.

Downloading you with these frequencies and dissolving blocks in the way of living with and from these qualities/virtues.

The Golden Harmonic of the OneHeart

This is a healing activation that came in to activate the cellular memory of our own ancient wisdom from Aspects of Self that we haven’t been ready to access and reconnect with until recently.

It is also connecting us with the new communication network within Gaia that connects us with our galactic soul families, our fellow starseeds, and all light beings that make up the Golden Harmonic of the OneHeart, and the new star that together we are birthing which contains the highest activating, healing, Source Light for us to harness and embody.

This healing will activate your power, awaken new information that exists within you, allow you to create and move through the world from a place of deeper intuitive wisdom, while also connecting you to how much you are loved and supported.

The Divine Trinity Attunement

This attunement amplifies your connection with as well as your understanding of the Sacred Trinity of CoCreation to ensure the energy you are working from and with is Pure Source Energy. It is through this Sacred Trinity Connection that you are able to harness and bring through Sacred Light, Cocreating miracles.

Sacred Soul Alignment: The Breath of Peace by guest healer, Elysia Hartzell, Creator and Founder of Sacred Soul Alignment

This attunement will allow you to begin using your simple breath to process or transfer a healing. This will come as a spontaneous breath when doing clearing work, and you may notice that when you begin to think about an issue, for yourself or your clients this breath will come, and healing is happening just through awareness. This will add much power to your work, make clearing faster, and can be used in conjunction with any form of healing.

Live 90-minute Q and A call to answer any
questions on the material and tools and
offer any needed support.

Class 3

The Art and Mastery of Muscle Testing

Video Training

This is Muscle Testing like you’ve never seen it before! You may have read or heard about it or you may even use Muscle Testing in your current work as a healer or Energy Practitioner but no matter where you’re at right now, I can tell you for sure that you’re going to learn a LOT about this fundamental yet critical technique.

You will also receive clearing and healing work to clear out blocks around and with muscle testing to set you up for the attunement you will receive on the live Q and A call.

Class 3 Attunements & Activations

The Art and Mastery of Muscle Testing

This Attunement downloads and/or activates your cellular memory of the knowledge of muscle testing. Bringing in the understanding and ability to as well as how to get out of your own way, to muscle test without attachment to the outcome and desiring only the truth.

It also resolves and dissolves all unworthiness you may be holding of receiving accurate information, clearing trauma, fear, and unforgiveness for incarnations where we have abused this power, abused other beings with this ability, or been abused with this power by others, bringing in forgiveness for self and others. Helping you connect into this skill with more ease.

Live 90-minute Q and A call to answer any
questions on the material and tools and
offer any needed support.

Class 4

The Heart & The Essence of Energetic Allergy Healing

Video Training

This is the week where we start to move into the heart of this work. I’ll share the key descriptions and elemental concepts you need to know, and you’ll quickly gain a clear, precise understanding of Energetic Allergy Healing as a whole. I’ll then lead you into the essence of this work – the unique, all-encompassing, powerful Energetic Allergy Healing Script.

You will also become attuned to the tool that is the heart of this modality, the main tool you will be using to heal, clear and release allergies – The Energetic Allergy Healing Tool! After Class 4, you will begin to heal allergies for yourself and others.

Live 90-minute Q and A call to answer any
questions on the material and tools and
offer any needed support.

Class 5

Becoming Familiar With & Attuned To Your
Energetic Allergy Healing Kits (Part 1)

Video Training

We’ll begin to dig deep into an incredibly detailed list of possible allergens (over 8000) that took me and a team years to create – The EAH Allergy Healing Kits. As EAH Practitioners, we use these kits to identify the specific allergies that are creating pain and disfunction in the body and clear them so the body can heal.

Not only will you receive these kits yourself at no additional cost, I’ll show you how to use them for transformational healing. It is these Kits that make it possible to successfully heal the inflammation, diseases and disorders that come from complex allergies. A truly invaluable tool!! These Kits are worth at least $2000 all on their own.

In this training you will be attuned to the following EAH Kits in the Fundamentals:

Allergy Combinations

  • Proteins
  • Calcium
  • Sugars
  • Vitamins
  • Elements, Minerals and Metals
  • Iron
  • Salt
  • All Pathogens

Parts of the Body

All organs and organ tissues

Live 90-minute Q and A call to answer any
questions on the material and tools and
offer any needed support.

Class 6

Becoming Familiar With & Attuned To Your
Energetic Allergy Healing Kits (Part 2)

Video Training

In this training you will be attuned to the following EAH Kits:

Parts of the Body

  • Glands and Hormones
  • Cells, DNA, and RNA
  • Vascular System
  • Body Tissues
  • Parts of the Body
  • Skeletal System
  • Metabolic Enzymes
  • Digestive Enzymes

The Head Kit

  • Ears
  • Eyes
  • Mouth
  • Neck/Throat
  • Nose/Sinuses
  • Nervous System
  • Body Processes
  • Immune System
  • Body Meridians
  • Antibodies
  • Celiac

Live 90-minute Q and A call to answer any
questions on the material and tools and
offer any needed support.

Class 7

Becoming Familiar With & Attuned To Your
Energetic Allergy Healing Kits (Part 3)

Video Training

In this training you will be attuned to the following EAH Kits:


  • Grains
  • Milk/Dairy
  • Fats/Oils
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Chocolate/Coffee/Tea
  • Alcohol
  • Vinegar
  • Meats
  • Fish/Shellfish/Seafood
  • Beans/Legumes
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Spices/Herbs

Environmental Agents

  • Adhesives and Glues
  • Animals
  • Clothing
  • Cosmetics
  • Detergents and Cleaning
  • Agents
  • Dust
  • Environmental Factors

Live 90-minute Q and A call to answer any
questions on the material and tools and
offer any needed support.

Class 8

Becoming Familiar With & Attuned To Your
Energetic Allergy Healing Kits (Part 3)

Video Training

In this training you will be attuned to the following EAH Kits:

Environmental Agents

  • Fabrics and Materials
  • Flora and Pollens
  • Food/Water Chemicals
  • Fragrance and Perfumes
  • Insects
  • Paper
  • Phenolics
  • Plastics
  • Pollution
  • Radiation
  • Skincare
  • The Home
  • Transportation
  • Other Environmental Agents


  • Drugs/Prescription,
  • Drugs/Narcotic (Drugs and Medications)
  • Vaccines
  • Anaesthesia
  • Antibiotics
  • Medicinal Herbs and Other Natural Remedies


  • People, Places and Events
  • Emotions/Feelings

Live 90-minute Q and A call to answer any
questions on the material and tools and
offer any needed support.

Class 9

Becoming Attuned to Additional EAH and
Sacred Light Healing Tools

Video Training

Relationship Trauma Release Attunements

Our relationships are our biggest mirrors and our biggest triggers. This Healing Tool cleans up trauma we have experienced in our relationships. This healing tool is clearing abuse, loss, abandonment, rejection, and other relationship pain patterns across all time across all time, all lifetimes, realities, dimensions with the people we travel lifetimes with, our soul groups.

Resolving and dissolving unhealthy contracts, oaths, vows, and obligations we have made to experience this with our partners, our children, our siblings, our parents. Cutting hooks, cords and attachments that are creating entanglement, confusion, inflammation in the body, and draining our energy.

But it goes even further than that! We are connected to everyone and everything through the field of connection, although this is a deep topic that is fascinating to explore, put simply and in a way that can help you understand the vast ways you can use this healing tool.….we are in relationship with and to everyone and everything!

Run this healing to heal the relationship between two or more people, or between an individual and a part of the body (organ, gland, cell, etc), or between an individual and an object, food, or traumatic event, a pathogen…there are many uses for this potent healing tool!

This healing brings through deep healing to dissolve negative attachments, entanglements, distorted energies in our relationships to heal the part of us that we’ve fragmented off from in our relationship, and bring in deep forgiveness for all involved to powerfully heal our relationships!

It also includes allergy healing and a Sacred Light Filter which is attuned to the energies and frequencies of the person/place or thing this healing is focusing on to filter out any energies that vibrate at a frequency that is less than love.

Harmony, Peace, and Balance Restored

This healing breaks down resistance energies you are holding, the need to resist, avoid, fight against-this creates allergies, this creates inflammation, we don’t want to do this. We want to live in harmony, peace, balance with EVERYTHING! This is how we become FREE!

This healing brings in the Creator perspective and understanding of what it is to be in harmony with everything, and what it is and how to feel peace in our core and stay in balance even when others/the world around us are unable to feel that way or hold those frequencies.

Downloading you on all levels, in all cells, all parts and aspects of you with the frequencies of harmony, peace, and balance. Allowing you to look at all things through new eyes and with new understanding so that you move into these frequencies with more and more things in your life.

Downloading what it feels like to live without having to battle, or resist the specific energies that you have identified, and what it feels like to be in harmony, peace and balance with specific energies that you have identified.

Note: You can use this healing tool to bring in these vital energies of Harmony, Peace and Balance as well as use this tool to remove resistance with and bring harmony with specific energies you’ve identified you or your client as being challenged with.

Resolving Inflammation

Our body becomes “inflamed” or reactive for many reasons, one of them being when it feels under attack or threat.

This healing is dissolving and resolving programming that our environment is a threat, both our internal and external environment, and anywhere we are unsafe in our environment, anywhere our relationships are unsafe, a threat, or dangerous.

Anywhere people are dangerous, evil, cruel, wrong, bad, unsafe, untrustworthy or a threat.

Anywhere we have to avoid people, or avoid relationships with others to stay or be safe, to feel or be ok, or to survive.

Anywhere our emotions/feelings and thoughts are dangerous, unsafe, or a threat to us.

Anywhere the emotions/feelings and thoughts of others are dangerous, unsafe, or a threat to us.

Anywhere we have to take what other people say as our own truth when it isn’t our own personal truth or in alignment with who we are.

Archangel Michael, His Blue Cloak of Protection and Sword of Truth

This activation brings through two angelic gifts for you! AA Michael brings in and surrounds you with his Blue Cloak of Protection assisting you as you work with others in NOT taking on their lower vibrational energies. This is very helpful in cleaning your energy field, as well as to keep it clean when working with clients.

This powerful archangel also activates and amplifies inner strength and courage as well as your ability to connect to the truth of your heart and speak it!

This healing is also healing and activating the Solar Plexus, Heart and High Heart Chakra, and throat chakra.

Run this healing tool to bring in protection and to call in and amplify the virtues/qualities of courage and strength and assist you speaking your truth, and/or to cleanse and activate the chakras mentioned above.

Golden Christ Light Activation

This activation brings in a Divine Blessing as it brings Golden Christ Light into your heart, into your body, and into all parts and aspects of Self, connecting you into this golden harmonic, raising your vibration while simultaneously expanding your ability to hold the highest light, highest potential, highest good for all humankind, all beings that are part of this ascension timeline.

Live 90-minute Q and A call to answer any
questions on the material and tools and
offer any needed support.

Class 10

Secrets of Successful Client Sessions

Video Training

I’ll share my knowledge and experience from hundreds and hundreds of hours of working with clients. I’ll take you through the basics – how to ground yourself and connect into the energies, how to protect your own energy – and we’ll move all the way through to higher level work such as how to accurately scan a client’s energy.

I’ll also share my personal step-by-step method to work with a client during a 1:1 session.

Live Q and A Call includes a step-by-step demonstration on how to work 1:1 with a client with your EAH tools from start to finish!

Class 11

Business Basics

Video Training

Discover the fundamental and incredibly important business basics you need to know to succeed as a world-class EAH practitioner. This training includes essentials such as how to create a helpful client intake form, how to record a healing audio that your clients can listen to again and again to deepen their healing, how to have a powerful session on Zoom and send out the recording plus other elements such as important client documents and tracking your clients’ progress.

Live 90-minute Q and A call to answer any
questions on the material and tools and
offer any needed support.

Class 12

The Power of Practice and the Truth of Trauma

Segment One: The Power of Practice

True magic and healing energies can come through you and out into the world only when you take what you’ve learned and apply it. In this segment, you’ll be pairing up with your fellow students to practice your Energetic Allergy Healing skills. Don’t worry – at this point you are ready to practice some allergy healing basics with others. These practice sessions will happen in private “virtual rooms” on Zoom. After everyone is done, we’ll come back together to share our experiences. I’ll also answer any question you may have at this time.

Segment Two: Release, Relief, Rebirth

This is the final segment of this life-changing 12 week training intensive. I’ll be sharing the truth about trauma – what it is and how it’s related to symptoms that manifest in the physical body as allergies and other health issues. You will also understand the truth about resistance, how this can block you from becoming a powerful healer and how you can start to release it to create deep healings for yourself and your clients. You’ll experience multiple attunements, activations and releases during this segment so you are fully cleared, balanced, attuned, activated, ready to step out into the world and experience a type of rebirth as you fully embody your role as an extraordinary healer.

Receive Healing for Yourself for many different forms of trauma

Injury/Trauma Recall

This healing is assisting you and your body in recovery from accidents and injuries on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Releasing you from the patterns that can and often do create these types of experiences in your life. 

Clearing the cellular memory of pain and trauma that you are holding from these experiences from your nervous system and body.

Soul Trauma Healing

Heals trauma and wounds from trauma, cellular memory of trauma, old buried trauma, soul level trauma (unhealed trauma from past incarnations), we tend to carry this type of trauma in the master glands in the brain. 

Brings in beautiful healing light to calm and heal the places and parts of you where the trauma patterns are being cleared.

Resolving and Dissolving anywhere you have to hold trauma, keep it, bury it, store it, anywhere you aren’t allowed to release Soul Trauma, past life trauma and let it go, including all Oaths, Vows and Contracts to live this way, believe this way or feel this way. 

Downloading that you are worthy and allowed to release soul trauma and past life trauma and that you know how to do that in the highest and best way.

Allergy Release: Inner Child

Clears trauma at specific ages, programming from those traumatic experiences, and heals allergies that have come up during those ages. This healing brings in forgiveness, downloads the lessons of the trauma and allows these inner child aspects to heal and reintegrate for more wholeness and sacred personal power.

God Wound Healing

Dissolving and healing the pain body that is our God wound. Clearing programming and trauma from lifetimes of believing and feeling we are separate from God, separate from love, bringing in beautiful healing.

You will also receive a Trauma Healing Series that includes 15 focused activations!

Energetic Allergy Healing Certification:
Optimized for Self-Study

Yet Uniquely Transformative When Taught Live Annually—Featuring 13 Weeks of Live Healings, Attunements, In-Depth Q&A Sessions, and Self-Paced Videos


We will meet on Zoom each week. We will start our time together with an introduction and connection call. Then, we'll meet each week for in depth Q&A calls (replays available for all calls) with live healings and Attunements. You will receive videos for each module so you can go through the teachings at your own pace.


Every Friday, we unveil a fresh training module alongside the replay from our weekly live Q&A session, all hosted within our professional online course platform, Kajabi. Connect with us live on Zoom for these Q&A discussions every Thursday at 11:00 AM PDT / 2:00 PM EDT, with the convenience of revisiting these insights through the replays at your leisure.


Additionally, you'll gain access to downloadable, user-friendly recordings of activations, attunements, belief modifications, and allergy releases from the live classes. These audios, available for repeated listening in Kajabi, are designed to enhance your personal healing and transformation journey.

Want to Learn More About The EAH Practitioner Program?

I invite you to watch my most recent 4-part masterclass series: 

What Are Your Allergies, Inflammation & Pain Trying to Tell You?

Decode Potent Healing Messages Hidden in Your Body & Access Your True State of Radiant Health & Happiness

There is powerful healing for you to experience yourself in each of the classes!

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FREE BONUS GIFT #1 Miracle Healing: The Energetic Allergy Healing Program (Value $797)

When you sign up for the Energetic Allergy Healing Certification Course you will receive my 12-Week Signature Program MIRACLE ENERGETIC ALLERGY PROGRAM that has been helping people all over the world heal allergies, inflammation, disease and pain for the past two years. Yes, it's absolutely FREE!

Going through this acclaimed, much-loved program will allow you to fully apply all of the tools you'll learn in this Energetic Allergy Healing Practitioner Course.

With the Miracle Energetic Allergy Healing Program You Will:

• Heighten your intuition as a healer

• Become a clearer channel to receive accurate information on your clients

• Learn how to do healing work for a group

• PLUS, you'll get the full benefits of experiencing this healing yourself which will strengthen your confidence so that you can consistently bring through profound healing for your clients with ease.

The best part? You will heal on all levels; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as you learn!

(Go here for the details for the MIRACLE ENERGETIC ALLERGY HEALING)

FREE BONUS GIFT #2: ​Online Community Sanctuary (Value - Priceless!)

You will have access to a private Facebook Group which I’ve created especially for all practitioners of this modality. You’ll continue to receive teachings and guidance from me. I’ll also come into the group to run pop up trainings based on your needs. This is where you’ll get to ask any and ALL questions that may come up for you. This group will be open for as long as I’m teaching this modality online and that means it’s going to be open for a long, long time!

FREE BONUS GIFT #3: Transformational Belief work, Downloads, and Attunements

You will be experiencing Feelings Downloads, Attunements, and Belief Work throughout our time together and you will also receive these as recordings that you can listen to again and again at any time. This work will assist you in embodying and owning your power as a confident, effective healer so you can easily step into higher levels of service with grace, ease and joy!

FREE BONUS GIFT #3 Sacred Light Practitioner Healing Tools

You will receive a recorded call where Elysia Hartzell and I teach and attune you to the healing tools listed below so that you can use them in the work you do for yourself AND in your work with clients/others.

Sacred Light Practitioner Healing Tools

TOOL #1: Sacred Light Purification

The Sacred Light Purification is a true powerhouse! It goes extraordinarily deep into cleansing and purifying all aspects of your being AND your environment (including your home and all people or animals, and all objects in your home, your vehicles and land)

It clears out energies that act as a point of attraction for entities, dark portals, implants, all different types of low vibrational energies, including trauma, Oaths, Vows, Contracts, hooks, cords, and attachments, negative belief systems, thought forms, and dense emotions that are we are holding, and that are also in our environment, the objects in our homes and the land that we live on.

This healing goes deep into clearing all of these energies that we have been affected by, from all timelines, dimensions, and realities, from the DNA and Ancestry, from every cell of the body, from all parts and aspects of our Being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

This healing not only cleanses and purifies us and our environment, it also brings in Divine protection and sacred technologies to assist us in keeping ourselves and our environment clean. Within this healing, you are working from a point of your own Sovereignty in collaboration with your Divine Team to create an impenetrable shield around yourself, your home and each member of your households, pets, yard, land, and vehicles that is impenetrable to all dark energies, yet flexible, allowing all Source energies in. This shield includes cloaking technology to provide protection from outside negative forces.

It brings in the vibration of unconditional love/ Source love to everything within your shield.

TOOL #2: Flush Activation

This highly versatile activation will quickly clear, dissolve and transmute disharmonious and discordant energies that are creating pain or other physical, mental and emotional disturbances. This healing came in to assist the body in the detoxing process that often comes with spiritual/energy healing work. It assists in detoxing emotions, and other limiting energies as well as physical toxins like metals, chemicals, and pathogens.

TOOL #3: Defrag Activation

Clears out mental clutter and confusion energies. A great tool to have in your toolbox to reduce brain fog, calm down out of control thoughts, and to help you get "out of your head". Clears out unnecessary thoughts and energies that are taking up your energy and time and causing stress. The Flush and the DeFrag are healing tools that we (me and Elysia Hartzell) have layered into many of the tools of SSA and EAH as they are so helpful in the processing, releasing, and integrating processes of healing work.

SPECIAL BONUS GIFT #4: Save 50% Off My Next Live EAH Advanced Practitioner Certification Class!

THE FIRST 5 PEOPLE who sign up for this Energetic Allergy Healing Course during promotional periods will receive a special coupon code to save 50% off of my Advanced Practitioner Certification Class. This class is loved by those who have taken it as it greatly activates and deepens your skills and abilities as a healer in general and of course as a Practitioner of Energetic Allergy Healing! This course expands on teachings about pathogens, how to work more with the complexities of pathogen patterns, and equips you with many advanced activation style tools to work with them quickly AND gives you over 130 additional healing tools to add to your toolbox. This will assist you in creating accelerated healing in many focused areas of health and life.


If you choose to pay in full , you will receive a recording of a special class with both Kimberlie and Elysia Hartzell where will be give 2 really potent healing tools to work with Covid, including the after affects so many are experiencing from Covid and "long Covid", as well as to assist the body with Covid Vaccines, helping your body to release vaccine toxins, assist the body in creating natural immunity to Covid as well as recover faster if needed.

The Covid Vaccine/Vaccine Trauma Release Healing Description:

This audio contains many facets of healing using all of the healing tools we have channeled and created across all of our healing modalities. 

This healing is incredibly thorough (it’s based on roughly 100 hours of research and work with clients), going beyond what we are sharing here, but these are the main benefits:

Creating immunity and prevention for Covid itself and includes the variants/mutations of the SARS CoV2 Virus. 

Brings in support and healing for your immune system, increasing your immune function.

Assists your body in detoxing Covid vaccine toxins and includes all vaccines that are available today.

Reduces “reactions”, and risk of reaction to the vaccines

Provides protection against any toxic effects of the vaccine

Clears any potential toxins or toxic effects from the vaccines that are in our environment  

Clears vaccine trauma held in the body and cellular memory from this lifetime, through all lifetimes, timelines, realities and dimensions. 

Clears trauma around and with masks, control, and being “silenced” which is getting triggered for so many. Contains healing support for the throat Chakra, and your ability to express your truth.

Clears low vibrational emotions connected to Covid and the vaccines like fear, anger, confusion, stress, anxiety, any emotions you are holding in your body and energy bodies that are part of all that has been going on with this in the collective.    

Assists in de-activating, releasing and calming down the inflammation from pathogens in the body that are being activated by the SARS Viruses as well as the Covid Vaccines which has been and continues to dramatically comprise the immune health of so many.  Viruses like Epstein Barr, bacteria that are the cause of Lyme disease, and other pathogens that generally compromise the lungs, throat, sinuses (the respiratory system) like the Tuberculum and Pneumococcinum bacteria, to name a few of the ones we are most commonly seeing.     

Clears allergies to all vaccines that Kimberlie Carlson has available in her very extensive allergy healing kits. So you can use this healing tool to heal the body, release toxins and calm down inflammatory patterns that are a result of any and all vaccines ever administered. 

And the Covid Healing Description:

This healing is a perfect partner for the Covid Vaccine/Vaccine Trauma Release Healing as it brings in support and healing for Covid itself in other ways addressing deeper complexities that have come to light regarding the longer implications of of Covid, the after effects of Covid in the body that come from a histamine response to the Covid spike proteins along with the activation of other pathogens in the body like Epstein Barr Virus, other Herpes Viruses like Varicella Zoster which causes chicken pox and shingles, Infectious mononucleosis, Haemophilus Influenzae, Coxsackievirus, and other Coronaviruses, like SARS and MERS, as well as fungus, and Candida yeast.

Our detox pathways like the lungs, liver and skin become bogged down and compromised. 

What does this mean? 

It means people are experiencing new: allergies, new illness, more or lingering deep fatigue, brain fog, heart related issues like low blood pressure, or racing, arrhythmia (erratic heart beat), dizziness, bloating, rashes, Hives and/or eczema, headaches or migraines, unexplained itching, itchy eyes/runny nose/congestion, premenstrual cramping or headaches, diarrhea, flushing, wheezing, runny nose, watery eyes, Swelling of face/hands/lips, and/or heartburn.

This is also the cause of lingering Covid or Long Covid.

For this healing the main components are allergy healing for a long list of things that assist us in calming down this immune/histamine response, support lung, liver and skin repair and function, and help to begin releasing these toxins and support our immune system all delivered into the respiratory system, and body, even into the cells through a Spiritual Technology that came initially to help us support our own bodies and health and to then share it with others and Elysia was guided to use this technology as a focused energetic delivery system for accelerated healing and support.

Additional Registration Bonus When You Register for Energetic Allergy Healing Certification Course by June 15th

Receive a special additional class where Kimberlie will attune you to 6 of her EAH Advanced Class Healing Tools so that you can begin to use them for yourself and others before ever taking her advanced practitioner course!

The 6 healing tools of this Bonus class are:

EAH Food Clearing Series (there are 5 healing tools in this series) and the Immune Support RX healing so you can offer even more support faster to those with chronic food allergies and digestion issues and bring through powered up healing, protection and prevention for viruses and bacteria that are the commonly the cause of many of the "colds and flu's" we experience, this includes Coronaviruses, SARS CoV2 (Covid) and SARS CoV2 Variants like Delta and Omicron. This healing tool now contains allergy healing for Covid Vaccines!

Here are some basic descriptions of these tools:

Energetic Allergy Healing Foods Clearing Series

This 5 part healing series will take you through clearing allergies to over 800 different foods.

Clearing allergies in the following categories: Grains, Dairy, Nuts and Seeds, Fats and Oils, Sugars, Proteins, Meats, Fish and Shellfish, Alcohol, Coffee, Chocolate, Tea, Beans and Legumes, Fruits, Vegetables, Including Nightshades, Salt, Water, Food and Water Chemicals/Additives.

I’ve also included some fundamental nutrients that are crucial for most people to fully heal their food allergies. You’ll find these spread out through these 5 healings.

These vital nutrients include the following: Vitamin A, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin F, Vitamin K, and all minerals trace minerals and metals and Candida Albicans and other types of yeast.

These healings are BIG as I was guided to include other Energetic Allergy Healing (EAH) Tools in each of them to bring through even more transformation with food allergies.

Immune Support RX Healing

This healing is one in a series I created to bring in a high energetic level of support for the immune system and immune health.

The Immune Support RX includes Allergy Healing for the critical nutrients needed to create a healthy body, healthy immune system, the parts of the body, and emotions needed to accomplish this as well, ALONG with healing allergies to a handful of viruses and bacteria themselves.

Energetic Allergy Healing is the best way I have found to assist the body with absorption of the nutrients our body depends on. Most people are actually allergic to vital nutrients like minerals, vitamins, healthy fats, and proteins and just aren’t aware of it. But when we are, we are unable to use or absorb these nutrients and our immune health declines over time as it spirals from lack of proper nutritional support, often becoming severely deficient even when taking vitamin and mineral supplements.

Energetic Allergy Healing is also the best way I have found to assist the body with releasing pathogens like viruses and bacteria and calming down the inflammation and pain they can cause. It’s pretty mind blowing to discover how many of our pain patterns and health issues have bacteria involved and miraculous to see all the health challenges that heal when we identify the pathogens involved and heal them as allergies the way this modality does.

Some of the specific allergies included in this healing are: Vitamin C and Vitamin D, many parts of the body including the immune system, vaccines, including Covid vaccines, Astroviruses, Arenaviruses, Enteroviruses, Parainfluenza type 1,2,3, and 4, Influenza type A, B, and C, Coronaviruses, MERS and SARS, SARS-CoV-2, COVID, all variants, Beta strep A, Beta Strep B, Beta Strep C, Beta Strep D, Tuberculum Bacteria, Streptococcus Bacteria, Herpesviruses, Epstein Barr, Babesia, Borrelia Bacteria, Candida Albicans and more.....

The Energetic Allergy Healing Course is THE Single Most Powerful Allergy Healing Modality There is…

And as a practitioner, you’ll immerse yourself in attunements, healings, activations, and releases, empowering you to deliver transformative healings worldwide.

The Energetic Allergy Healing Certification Course, valued at over $7,000, is intentionally offered at a greatly reduced price. My commitment to spreading this modality and making it accessible to as many people as possible drives me to keep the cost low, reflecting my passion and dedication to sharing its life-changing benefits.

Become a World-Class Energetic Allergy Healing Practitioner & Start Changing Lives!

NOTE: If you are an alumni student of the Self-Healer's Journey, please email me at hello@kimberliecarlson.com and I will provide you a special coupon code to receive a $300 discount on any of the payment plans available.


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$ 210
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Are you ready to delve deep into the realm of allergy healing, adding over 150 accessible healing tools to your repertoire and becoming an Advanced Energetic Allergy Healer?

These tools empower you to tackle complex energy patterns causing chronic health issues and persistent pain in your body and life.


Are you feeling an inner nudge to expand your training and gain additional knowledge and tools to bring incredible transformation in all areas of life to yourself and/or others?

The Energetic Allergy Healing Bundle is a unique 2-course package that gives you full access to the essential teachings and knowledge you’ll receive in the Energetic Allergy Healing Certification PLUS the incredible tools and in-depth training you’ll get with The Energetic Allergy Healing Advanced Certification Course.

The Advanced Certification Course includes 150 + Healing Tools plus deeper teachings to add to your healing toolbox to heal harder-to-resolve issues and pathogen patterns, reverse stubborn inflammation, and dissolve physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental pain and trauma for yourself, your loved ones and clients.

With these two Certification Course you’ll have everything you need to become a confident, in-demand healer and if you’re already working with clients, the Energetic Allergy Healing modality is a valuable addition to your healing toolkit (in fact seasoned healers have told me that Energetic Allergy Healing is their #1 go-to healing modality!)

Click below to get access to the Energetic Allergy Healing Certification + the EAH Advanced Certification Course bundle (and save $1000 off regular prices)


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8 Monthly Payments
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Praise & Love from Energetic Allergy Healing Practitioners

“I have completely changed the focus of my healing business as a result of Kimberlie’s training, and I’ve been in the healing field for 20 years…”

To say that Kimberlie’s Energetic Allergy Healing™ certification program was awesome, will not do it justice. This certification program was beyond amazing for me. I have completely changed the focus of my healing business as a result of Kimberlie’s training, and I’ve been in the healing field for 20 years!! Her thorough knowledge of energy and more importantly – healing – is apparent the moment she speaks. I felt as though I was being personally mentored during in this program. I truly feel blessed and honored to be able to learn from such an amazing lady and I’m looking forward to helping my clients achieve the health they crave and lose weight with ease, grace (and fun)!!!

~Caroline Nixon, Manifesting Your Magic

Kristi Olander

It wasn’t until Kimberlie’s Energetic Allergy Healing and deep belief work that I can finally eat dairy, wheat, gluten,  and other grains and stay healthy!! I am so thankful for this work that I became a practitioner of it!!!!

I just want to thank Kimberlie for her work! I had worked so hard to heal my food allergies and autoimmune digestive disorder with so many healers and healing techniques that I learned. It wasn’t until her Energetic Allergy Healing and deep belief work that I can finally eat dairy, wheat, gluten,  and other grains and stay healthy!! I am so thankful for this work that I became a practitioner of it!!!! I highly recommend her Miracle healing: Energetic Allergy Healing program also!!! Thank you for the healing that shifted my life and health tremendously! So blessed to have you as my teacher!

~ Kristi Olander

“I LOVE this modality! I have certifications in several modalities, and this one is definitley my favorite!”

I went through Kimberlie’s Allergy Healing Program as a client a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it and I knew that when she opened it up to teach and certify practitioners that I had to jump on it!

I LOVE this modalty! I have certifications in several modalities, and this one is definitely my favorite! It is one of the foundational ones that I use with my clients. This modality has been key in my work with my clients. It is so beautiful, so powerful, I cannot say enough good things about it. It blends well with Health Coaching and other modalities.

You don’t have to have a bunch of certifications and modalities under your belt to learn this. It’s easy, anybody can do this!

You can do this work with your family. Having this healing tool has helped my daughters stay healthy during the school year when viruses and bacterias are flying around, or if they do pick something up, they recover much faster and we never need to go to the Dr.!

I love Kimberlie and I love this Modality!

~ Jen Howell


All calls will be on Thursdays at 11:00am PT/2:00pm ET

Many people have come through this certification course without attending any live calls, and that is perfectly fine. You will have forever access to all class recordings and materials, and I am available for answering questions inside the Facebook support group.

No, you can complete the classes in the time frame that works for you. You will have forever access to all class recordings and materials. You will receive your certification once you have completed all classes and practice hours. I am also available for support inside the Facebook group beyond the live class time.

It would be ideal for you to have some experience “running energy”. That being said, I will provide you with the solid foundation needed to integrate and use the healing techniques and tools you will be receiving in this class. (If you have any questions about whether this class is right for you, please reach out to me and I will be happy to have a conversation to help determine this for you)

In order to receive certification, you must complete all trainings and complete 20 practice hours. Practice is Key with this work! (We will be practicing these tools together in class as well, to ensure everyone understands them and becomes comfortable using all of the tools)

With the Miracle Energetic Allergy Healing program, you will receive healings from Kimberlie so you can experience deep healing and be free from countless allergies as well as cravings and addictions while releasing stored trauma, limiting beliefs and emotions that do not serve you. 

And the Energetic Allergy Healing Certification Course trains you to perform allergy healing for yourself and others.

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Yes, I’d love to join this FREE healing experience!

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Yes, I’d love to experience this FREE healing series!

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