"Kim cleared my thyroid, and thyroid-produced hormones, and afterwards when I had my thyroid tested, my doctor told me the entire office was envious of my thyroid levels, because they had never seen such good levels before! I can’t say enough good things about this work-it heals on so many levels."
Elysia Hartzell
Healer & Spiritual Coach


Miracle Healing: THe Energetic Allergy Healing Program

A POWERFUL12-week program where we go deep and bring in many of my healing tools and processes along with the allergy healing to change your immune function at a DNA level. This is my signature program and it is transformational on many life levels. Experience incredible personal power and joy when you finally release the allergies, sensitivities, cravings, addictions and chronic health conditions that steal your freedom.

Eliminate Your Allergies to ALL GRAINS & DAIRY + YEASTS AND SUGARS

[FREE] Receive 2 incredibly powerful and effective 15-minute audio and video to release your allergies and all allergic symptoms for good.

Healing Your Thyroid and Endocrine System with Energetic Allergy Healing

8 live Sessions of Life-Changing Healings to heal and rebuild endocrine health beginning on May 16th (replays available).

This BRAND NEW powerful and innovative healing program designed to heal, rebuild, transform as well as offer long term support for the ever so precise Endocrine System....every single gland and every hormone produced by each one!!

This audio healing journey is perfect for you if you are struggling with a variety of Glandular and Hormone related health problems....from Thyroid disease and dysfunction to adrenal exhaustion and so much more....

"Now I can eat anything I want, no longer take allergy medicine, and feel better than I can ever remember feeling! Thank you Kim!"

~ Karen Fox

Stronger Immune Health and Living Allergy Free – 12 WEEK Guided Audio Program

A guided, magical healing journey that will change your life. In just 12 weeks, you’ll be free from an extensive list of allergies that leave you feeling drained and depleted.


The Energetic Allergy Healing Certification Course is a live intensive learning and training program that will take place online, over 7 consecutive weeks.

Advanced Practitioner Certification in Energetic Allergy Healing

High-Level Tools, Techniques & Activations to Rapidly, Radically Amplify the Magic of Energetic Allergy Healing. You’ll walk away knowing that you are now an advanced, high-level healer. 

Shauna Peterson
"I have so much gratitude for Kimberlie's energetic allergy healing group program. Since taking the course I have been able to drop all allergy medications, as well as all meds for acid reflux and serious upper digestive issues . I struggled for close too 20 years with pain and multiple food sensitivities. I'm now enjoying so many foods I've been afraid to eat.. tomatoes, chocolate, rice, fish, eggs, oatmeal....The results have been thrilling."

~ Shauna Peterson

Sacred Light Foundation Class

Creating Sacred Foundations for Workers of the Light.

You are here..... You ARE a worker of the Light!

You hold special codes that enable you to hold more light and emit that light out to the world.......

You hold these Sacred Codes in your heart.

This is a powerful class for those who are new to healing work or if you are looking to deepen or add to your current tool box.

CoCreating Miracles with Sacred Light: Advanced Certification Class

A comprehensive advanced certification class that offers these high level spiritual technologies and healing tools that will allow you to create life-altering experiences for yourself and your clients that bring deep transformation in all areas of life.

1:1 Miracle Energetic Allergy Healing Experience

You + Me = 100% magic + miraculous results! If you’d like a powerful, custom allergy healing experience that will amplify and accelerate your healing journey, this is for you. This experience will change everything…
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