Healing Your Thyroid and Endocrine System with Energetic Allergy Healing

A 10 week self study program of Life-Changing healings to heal and restore endocrine health

This transformational program has brought miraculous healing to thousands of people all over the world. It contains over 20 healing audio’s, instructional video’s where I share additonal guidance and healing,  all for just $497 – an incredible price for all the healing you receive!

You know your health issues are holding you back from living life to the fullest. You feel drained and depleted ALL the time. You’ve tried drugs, prescriptions and natural remedies but nothing works, or if it does it’s minimal or doesn’t last for long.

You’ve resigned yourself to your fate – you’ll never get to experience true freedom from the effects of a broken  endocrine system….from allergies, inflammation, and pain .

Well, I’m happy to say…you’re wrong!

As I have worked extensively with clients over the past 7 years using Energetic Allergy Healing, one of the things that has become extremely evident is that there is  a massive number of people who are deeply struggling with their health and their life because of thyroid, adrenal, and other endocrine system disease and dysfunction. 

What has also become undeniably evident is that those that I work with who have various endocrine issues….HEAL…

Hi! My name is Kimberlie Carlson and I am the Founder and Creator of Energetic Allergy Healing. 

As it is my mission to assist others in realizing their dreams, their true potential, to step into the truth of their own Divine nature, and in finding much deserved and longed for joy and freedom…..it has become crystal clear that the abilities and gifts that I have come here with and have honed through through the years…are to accomplish this by healing the body! 

I have created a new and exciting healing program to answer the call of the masses…

This program combines my 25 + years of knowledge and experience with energy work as well as my studies of allergies, the endocrine system itself, nutrition, homeopathy, pathology, anatomy, physiology and more.

"Kim  has helped me with so many things! From clearing many environmental allergies, including dust, molds, cats, chemicals and pollen, to healing my allergy/sensitivity to hormones and parts of my endocrine system.

I was in complete adrenal failure, and kim’s allergy healing for my adrenals and adrenaline resolved that.

She also cleared my thyroid, and thyroid-produced hormones, and afterwards when I had my thyroid tested, my doctor told me the entire office was envious of my thyroid levels, because they had never seen such good levels before!"
~ Elysia Hartzell

Healing your Thyroid and Endocrine System
with Energetic Allergy Healing

This  powerful and innovative 10-Week healing program is designed to heal, rebuild, transform as well as offer long term support for the ever so precise Endocrine System….every single gland and every hormone produced by each one!!

This healing journey is perfect for you if you are struggling with a variety of Glandular and Hormone related health problems….from thyroid disease and dysfunction to adrenal exhaustion and so much more….

If you are struggling with fatigue,  feeling run down, weakness, reproductive disorders, sweating, memory loss, brain fog, weight issues, Goiter, hair problems, depression, heart beat irregularities, swelling, difficulty sleeping, suffer from skin disorders, digestive problems, hormone imbalance related health issues, some food sensitivities, intolerance to cold, these are just a few of the signs of dysfunction in one or more of your endocrine glands.

 The Healing your Thyroid and Endocrine System Program includes 12 healing recordings that focus on healing not only each gland and organ that make up the endocrine system, but also to heal the digestive system, and assist your body in detoxing in 5 main areas, all of which can be compromising glandular health and function: Metals, Viruses (including Epstein Barr Virus), Bacteria (including Lyme), and Yeast (including Candida), and Parasites.

Addressing all of these areas is crucial for healing the glands and organs that make up this body system.

In fact they are crucial to healing all systems and organs in the body! This program will actually assist you in creating a healthy body and in disease prevention that extends well past the endocrine system! Many conditions, intolerances and other symptoms may also be released as you move through this program.

 Through healing allergies which are essentially resistance or disharmony within our relationship with another energy, we can heal the body in ways that can feel like a miracle!

Allergies are at the root of all inflammation in the body and all pain, disease and dysfunction comes from that inflammation.

Healing allergies accomplishes several things that are necessary for transforming the health of your endocrine system.

When you heal allergies in this program with
Energetic Allergy Healing you will:

Begin to actually use and absorb vital nutrients necessary for creating healthy cells, glands, organs, and tissues
Begin to detox the metals, chemicals, extra hormones like estrogen from overproduction which become toxic to us, and microorganisms like yeasts, parasites, bacteria, and viruses....,We store these in our cells, yes, our glands and organs, all of which bog down and challenge our immune system impairing the function of our precious glands!
Begin to correct hormone production issues and bring your hormones back into balance
 Dramatically reduce inflammation in your body
Begin to correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies
Restore gut function which is imperative for endocrine health
Clear allergies to several food groups that are often contributing factors for endocrine dysfunction
Clear allergies and bring energetic healing to pathogens that need to be addressed for the glands of this system to heal, like Epstein barr Virus, Candida & Lyme bacteria
Clear allergies to many envirenmental agents that are often causing inflammation, pain and disease in the sensitive glands of the endocrine system
Potentially reduce or eliminate certain medications. Most people experience a dramatic reduction in thyroid, to no longer needing thyroid medications after the program. This is often true for other medications as well like antihistames, pain meds, and more.
Bring deep healing to your relationships that hold painful emotions & trauma (a big contributer to glandular inflammation and disease)
Come back into harmony with your body on the energetic and cellular level
Experience increased energy and a deeper, more loving connection with yourself
Warning: You may also experience improvement in your relationships, most importantly, the one you have with yourself, feel more in your own power, feel lighter, happier, become more intuitive, experience feelings of peace, balance, harmony and freedom......
Sherry Frey
"Having worked with Kimberlie over several weeks, one of the main benefits I am ecstatic about is dissolving nearly all the symptoms of menopause I had when I first met her. I experience little to no hot flashes, I am off the bio-identical hormones of progesterone and estrogen entirely, the brain fog has massively improved and even feels like the pathways of memory have come back on line. Through her allergy healings, my endocrine system has miraculously gained balance, even my thyroid meds prescription has been reduced. I find my own muscle strength, endurance and stamina have increased as well. Her work is nothing short of miracle-making and she is a real live Wonder Woman when it comes to the work of healing the body and it’s structures!"
~ Sherry Frey

When You Experience This Thyroid and Endocrine System Audio Healing Journey You Will:

Experience a release of allergies that crucial for the healing and function of your glands and hormones, like: drugs and vaccines, bacteria, viruses, parasites, toxic metals, environmental chemicals, molds, fungus, yeasts, sugars, vitamins, minerals, parts of your own body including all organs, glands and hormones, some common foods, even negative emotions!
Receive the unlimited healing power of 12 Energetic Allergy Healing Audio's to heal and restore your endocrine system - Pineal/Pituitary/Hypothalamus Attunement, Thyroid/Parathyroid Attunement, Adrenal Attunement, Thymus and Lymphatic System Attunement, and my Whole Body Detox Attunement Series (4 attunements).
These Healings are cutting edge innovation as they bring in the energetics of powerful homeopathic remedies, transformational downloads, along with allergy healing to assist you in releasing the energetic blocks, vows, contracts, belief patterns and traumas, energetic and physical toxins that are currently causing dysfunction in your endocrine system, restore harmony and bring this system back online!
Feel strong, confident and centered on all levels - physically, emotionally and spiritually - as you move through your days with renewed energy and vitality.
Receive a special Bonus of a powerful meditation style audio to raise your frequencies and create boundaries for yourself that allow you to hold and stay in these high vibrational energies throughout your day and even your night. I call it the CoCreation Process, and it is empowering!
These audio recordings are yours for life ...as we experience new emotional overwhelm, stress, or trauma on our "being human" journey, we can create new allergies that stress and tax our endocrine system, so you can utilize these again and again.

Here’s the transformational magic that you can look forward to when you participate in Healing Your Thyroid and Endocrine System with program...

Week 1

Healing Your Digestive System​

Your digestive system is the hub of your health wheel.

SO, we start here by healing and energetically supporting your gut so that you can properly digest the vital nutrients needed to create a healthy cell and thus a gland, and an immune system that is working for you not against you. In fact by the time you are done with this program you will be well on your way to rebuilding a brand new Endocrine System!!

We will be healing important allergens for proper digestive function, bringing in specific downloads to restore and retrain your GI tract, as well as downloading the energetics and properties of homeopathic remedies and crystals to further heal and support gut health.

If you are new to my work it is important to understand that the brain recognizes an allergy as anything that causes an immune reaction and inflammation in the body and this is the reaction that over-stresses and drains you of your life force energy. This means just one thing… A strong immune system is the solution. A strong immune system protects you and drastically increases the function of your bodies systems.

We will do this by clearing allergies to vitamins, minerals, proteins, salts, sugars, common foods, and MANY parts of the body.

You will begin to absorb and utilize these vital nutrients to nourish your cells, glands, organs, and tissues..to literally begin building a new higher functioning endocrine system!

You’ll release traumas, beliefs and other negative vibrational energies that are keeping you trapped in poor health.

Weeks 2 - 5

Pathogen, Metals, Chemical, and Emotion Detox

This week is all about supporting your glands and organs by releasing toxins stored in your cells and tissues.

This work is so important in correcting inflammation and disease and the  range of toxins are so large that this part of the program will actually contain what has become my new “Whole Body Detox Attunement Series” and we will take two weeks to cover them all.

The 4 attunements in this series: Environmental Detox, Epstein Barr Virus/Virus Detox, Bacteria Detox, and Fungus, Mold, Parasite Detox Attunement

I haven’t found anything faster or more powerful at unlocking toxins than Energetic Allergy Healing!!

This series contains 4 separate attunements and each one contains the necessary allergy healing to release specific toxins, as well as the deep reprogramming needed to break the cycle of being a toxin magnet, and like all of the attunements in this program these also contain the gentle yet powerful supportive properties and energetics of specific homeopathics to assist and support you in your detoxing process.

In these attunements we will be healing allergies to various microorganisms like yeast, mold, fungus, parasites, viruses and bacteria along with toxic metals, food/water/environmental chemicals, and emotions.

And YES, we can be and are allergic to emotions, and these emotions in my work can be people, places, or even specific events. We easily become “allergic” to emotions that we are storing in our bodies and that are overwhelming us in our lives, and when this happens that means that when we are feeling those emotions they are literally causing inflammation somewhere in our body!  Healing allergies to emotions is a BIG deal! 

Week 6


Now you are ready to focus on the endocrine system specifically and we will start with the Master regulators….The Hypothalamus, Pituitary, and Pineal Glands!!

During this session you will receive power-packed “Energetic Allergy Healing Pineal, Hypothalamus, Pituitary Attunement”.

Just like the other Attunements you will receive in this program, the energies coming through will be healing allergies to these important glands with big jobs, including the hormones that they produce, as well as other parts of the body needed to restore harmony in these glands, like the brain itself in it’s many detailed parts including neurotransmitters.

This attunement also includes the beautiful energies of homeopathic remedies made specifically for the healing and function of these glands. Along with dissolving many negative vibrational energies that create imbalances and disharmony in the these specific glands.

Week 7

Thymus + the Spleen and Lymphatic System

Even though the thymus gland produces several hormones it is also a part of the lymphatic system. and is a vital part of part of the immune system

The cells of the Lymphatic System, lymphocytes, play a major role within the body’s immune defence, because they are able to target and eliminate pathogens.  The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins and waste.

To have a healthy endocrine system we must have our digestion working well for us and we also need to reduce toxins effectively…so we are including the lymphatic system in this program, which includes the thymus, spleen, tonsils and adenoids.

So in session 4 you will receive power packed “Energetic Allergy Healing Thymus + Spleen and Lymphatic System Attunement”.

The energies coming through in this attunement will again be accomplishing several things. They will be healing allergies to these parts of the body that make up the lymphatic system and thymus gland, including the hormones cells that they produce, as well as other parts of the body needed to restore harmony in these glands, including the sternum, ribs, bone marrow, and other skeletal system tissues, the lungs, heart, and more.

Dissolving programs and other negative vibrational energies that create imbalances and disharmony in the Thymus and Lymphatic System.

You will also be downloaded and activated with the energies of homoeopathic remedies made specifically for the healing support and function of these glands, organs and systems.

Week 8

Thyroid and Parathyroid

In some of my first experiences that I had working with clients with Energetic Allergy Healing it became clear that something very special was happening to improve thyroid function even though it was not something that was the  focus for the healing sessions…the focus was just healing allergies, helping people to be able to enjoy foods again, to enjoy their spring and summers in the pollen rich air again, to live better lives with the dust, with their pets, with the molds and so on…

What began happening though was people were needing to reduce their thyroid medication. Across the board, again and again….incredible!

With the Energetic Allergy Healing Thyroid and Parathyroid Attunement we clear the appropriate allergies that will take your Thyroid health to a new level!

Dissolving programs and other negative vibrational energies, that create imbalances and disharmony in the Thyroid Gland.

You will also be downloaded and activated with the energies of homoeopathic remedies made specifically for the healing support and function of this gland.

Week 9


Those who suffer from adrenal dysfunction and exhaustion usually don’t know how to rest, in fact they usually have programming that says they aren’t even allowed to rest, or something bad might happen if they rest…so those poor adrenals get worn right out!

We will dissolve this kind of sabotaging programming and more with the Adrenals Attunement.

Not only will this attunement heal the necessary allergies to restore harmony to these glands, it will also go deep into clearing the negative programming and emotions that are wearing them and you out. And with restorative homeopathic remedies for the adrenals and also for stress coming in to support your adrenals as well you will be able to experience new levels of energy.

Week 10

Pancreas, Ovaries, and Testes

Last but certainly not least, you will receive your final healing in this program, “EAH Pancreas, Ovaries, and Testes Attunement.

This Attunement will dissolve/delete sabotaging programming related to feeling “defeated” along with “unworthiness around creating the life your true heart desires” that commonly cause inflammation in these parts of the body.

This attunement will heal allergies to restore harmony and function to these organs.

You will also be downloaded and activated with the energies of homoeopathic remedies made specifically for the healing support and function of these vital endocrine related organs.

Your Healing the Thyroid and Endocrine System Healings for Lasting Health & Renewed Energy package includes:

12 Innovative Energetic Allergy Healing Audio's to heal and restore your Thyroid and Endocrine System + Instructional video's that contain additional guidance and healing + 7 additional Allergy Healing recordings.
Instructional, Q and A, and support videos
A Bonus CoCreation Process mediation audio to raise your frequencies and create boundaries that help you sustain them for longer periods of time
A Bonus Meditation audio to get you in heart and body, grounded, connected to your higher guidance systems and activate your own Self healing abilities
A Bonus Healing Audio with additional allergy healing for foods
A Bonus Healing Audio you can use over and over again to bring deep healing to any relationship
A Bonus Healing Audio to clear programming around having to heal or grow through pain and suffering
A Bonus Healing Audio to clear and heal Lightworker trauma
A Bonus Healing Audio to deliver healing and support navigating the energies of the moon cycles, and mercury retrograde periods

I’m Ready to Heal My Endocrine System!​


$ 497
  • One-time Payment
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$ 272
  • 2x Payments Billed Monthly


$ 136
  • 4x Payments Billed Monthly
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Thyroid and Endocrine Healing Client Stories

Hey...wanted to let you know that I am no longer taking thyroid meds. Been off for over a month!!!!!
~ Stephanie Crystalli
I’m so excited to tell you that my PMS is gone and my periods are SO much better now, no painful cramps, no heavy bleeding! Thank you so much for this amazing work!!
~ Stephanie Rae
Just wanted to send you some praise and thank for your work! This program is so liberating! Oh! And best thing ever, my sinuses and asthma symptoms are gone! It’s all so awesome! Thank you again!
~ Ashely Pfeffer
I love your allergy program so far the depth is profound and I am feeling allergy symptom relief as well as much more joy and happiness. In love and Joy
~ Margaret Nadeau
I had tried quite a few things in the past for certain allergies and health issues, but so far Energetic Allergy Healing has been the most effective for me so I've been really into it! It's definitely brought the most tangible/impactful of changes! I LOVE this modality!!!
~ Tanaya Gosh
Since doing Kimberlie’s Energetic 12 week Allergy Group Program my migraines that have been a monthly occurrence for 25 years stopped completely. I find myself feeling stronger, more powerful, and cleaner. I have stopped dealing with bullshit, mine and other people, you have something to say, spit it out, and pack in the mind games to:-). I speak my truth, and say to people what i feel they need to hear, offering love and support and no longer holding back from doing that. My girls have stopped doing the teenage things and have blossomed into lovely people, its wiped all of their stuff off them too, we talk more easily, hold nothing back and are more genuine and comfortable with one another. I haven’t even completed the whole program yet...can’t wait to see what else heals!
~ Adele Sanders
I can lower my dose of medicine for my Thyroid. I have been on the same dose for at least 5 years now! I’m feeling very good - and the candida is gone!
~ Patricia Liesker-Lecieux
Before I met Kimberlie, I was very sick. I battled Lyme disease, and when I was finally over the Lyme, I was still pretty sick. I became allergic to everything  I put in my mouth. I was on a very strict diet for a couple of months, and then I met Kimberlie and I went through her allergy healing program and my life completely changed! I am now able to eat anything I want!

Not only that, Kimberlie deals with the emotional root causes of everything. I was in a pretty bad place, not really happy with anything in my life. About a month after the allergy healing work, I made a move and I am in a completely different situation than I was before. I really contribute that to Kimberlie and her Healing Work. If you are going through any kind of Allergies or Physical Ailments, or just need a new start, I really recommend Kimberlie’s Program. She is an amazing healer.
~ Madalyn Hope
Just want to thank Kimberlie for her work! I had worked so hard to heal my food allergies and autoimmune digestive disorder with so many healers and healing techniques that I learned. It wasn’t until her energetic allergy healing program with the allergy healing and deep belief work that I can finally eat dairy, cheese, wheat, gluten, grains and stay healthy!!

I had to retrain my brain to be in balance and harmony with these items and many more!! I am so thankful for this work that I became a practitioner of it!!!! I highly recommend her energetic allergy healing group program!!!! Thank you to Kimberlie Carlson and energetic allergy healing that shifted my life and health tremendously!! So blessed to have you as a teacher!
~ Kristi Olander
I just realized I haven't had any headaches since starting this program. I have had tension headaches almost weekly definitely bi-monthly for a long time. Feeling blessed! Excited to see what else heals in the coming weeks.
~ Rachael McGarry
Wow, when I listened to the recordings, during one of the release statements, I felt a blast of energy leaving my body. It was incredible! I’m feeling better each week.
~ Gloria Gerhing
It made such a big impact on our lives. I was completely freaked out when I first came to Kim because there were all these issues and problems that I couldn't fix and knowing someone who could magically resolve our health issues was amazing.
~ Stacey Ellis Spain
I no longer have to live with perpetual food anxiety. I haven’t gotten a migraine in over a year. The dark circles under my eyes that I thought I was doomed with forever vanished. I can think clearly and stay alert all day long. I can actually go out to restaurants and be completely okay.
~ Sabrina Rose Nelson
I just wanted to pop in and send you some love!!! I am so damn grateful for you! I'm grateful because I found you! - even if you were referred! Lol I'm grateful because I love your energy and I feel safe in your hands. I'm grateful because I feel better. I'm grateful because we are doing great things together. For this and more I am grateful. Thank you!
~ Catherine Navaro
After recently going through her Allergy Program I have so much more energy, have little to no inflammation issues, and feel so much better! Kimberlie is patient, kind and an exceptional practitioner who is so very knowledgeable and I am so very grateful for her.
~ Bailey Sprow

I’m Ready to Heal My Endocrine System!​


$ 497
  • One-time Payment
Best Value


$ 272
  • 2x Payments Billed Monthly


$ 136
  • 4x Payments Billed Monthly
Credit Cards       30 Datys Money Back Gurantee       Secure Checkout

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