Whole Body Detox Series

Ready to release toxins like metals, chemicals, radiation, and pathogens like; Epstein Barr Virus, Bacteria including Lyme disease bacteria, fungus, mold, yeast and parasites, AND eliminate allergies to various Environmental Agents, like dust, pollution, and plastics to name a few that are more than likely causing inflammation, pain, disease, fatigue and dysfunction patterns in your body, compromising your immune health?

Welcome to EAH Whole Body Detox, a series of 4 powerful healing tools that I originally created to deeply support and restore the function of the endocrine system as toxins are necessary to address for most people in healing the glands, organs and other tissues that make up this system. However this mini healing series is a huge support for the body on their own for, opening your detox pathways, detoxing common environmental pollutants and agents found in our air, our environment, our water and foods, as well as addressing specific groups of pathogens to reduce fatigue, infection, inflammation, to support the immune system, and bring yeast like Candida into balance. 

These 4 audio’s will create a dramatic increase in your ability to release toxins (making any protocols, supplements or products you use to detox) way more effective. 

Plus these 4 audio’s are healing allergies to common environmental agents, many parts of the body, emotions and more to also heal and support your respiratory system, often clearing hay fever symptoms, post nasal drip, sinus issues, sore throat, tonsilitis, swollen glands, and recurring ear infections. It has even been all some people have needed to clear asthma!

Toxins, including pathogens, are stored in our glands, organs and other body tissues, creating inflammation and compromising their ability to function properly.

The toxins we collect and store affect all parts of our bodies, all organs, glands, tissues, cells and body systems so they are really important to work with to create vibrant health and wellbeing.

AND NOW offering a special bonus when you purchase this healing series ~ My brand new creation, “Healing Your Relationship with Nature” which focuses on pollens, trees, grass, weed, and flower allergies and it’s FREE!

Here are the basic descriptions for each of the healing tools that make up this incredible series.

“From the EAH Environmentals Detox Healing you did my lungs cleared up!!!! Amazing thank you so much!!!”

~ Bobbie Reihe

EAH Environmentals Detox Healing

This healing is working with clearing allergies to ALL levels of your environment and atmosphere: spiritual environment and atmosphere, metal environment and atmosphere, emotional environment and atmosphere, and physical environment and atmosphere. Having all of this in a healing tool makes this a great tool to use when you are feeling out of balance, irritated, overly emotional, in addition to using it to heal hay fever, asthma, chemical sensitivities,  and other environmental allergies.

It goes deep into dissolving the toxic programming that we can be carrying that act as a magnet for attracting toxins into our body and storing them in our cells and tissues.  Along with clearing trauma from all lifetimes of illness, disease, pain and death from metal poisoning, chemical poisoning, radiation poisoning. 

Dissolving all shock and trauma from all lifetimes, timelines, realities, and dimensions where we have died slow painful deaths from cancer, from radiation poisoning, from toxins, chemicals, fires/smoke.

This is clearing out trauma from the times you have experienced these things yourself AND the trauma you are holding from seeing/witnessing others suffer from these types of experiences, and from losing ones you hold dear from these types of experiences.

Bringing in powerful downloads to create new cell receptors and neural pathways to teach your brain and body how to release toxins including toxic emotions with ease and in ways that are harmless to the Self and others.

 Teaching you the difference between your thoughts, feelings and emotions and other peoples and how to release what isn’t yours. Teaching you and your physiology to manage and move through your emotions without getting stuck in them. Bringing in forgiveness for Self, God, and others. Teaching you what it feels like to live in peace, balance and harmony with and in this planet’s environment.

Includes allergy healing for a group of energies that are common for people that hinder proper detox function, like the organs and body systems that play the largest role in removing toxins, along with some of the most common environmental energies people are storing in their bodies, and/or reacting to like: minerals, toxic metals, radiation, plastics, adhesives and glues, pollution, water and food chemicals, dust and a handful of emotions that are commonly linked to environmental allergies and toxins in the body.

You are also receiving a Download and Activation of the properties and frequencies of the vitamins, minerals and homeopathics to support your body in it’s detox process for environmental agents like chemicals, metals, and radiation.

EAH Epstein Barr Virus and Herpes Detox Healing

Energetic Allergy Healing has an “immunity effect”, often preventing reinfection when exposed to the viruses we are working with using this healing modality.

Epstein Barr Virus is one the most common underlying causes of fatigue.
Studies show this virus affects more 90% of the population in the USA as well as Canada, however, I find this virus over and over again when working with private clients all over the world to resolve fatigue, along with health challenges of all kinds.

This Healing gets this virus under control quickly when repeated daily until feeling better. Often in just a few days!

This Healing is a BIG one, it goes deep dissolving negative programming commonly found as the magnet or velcro for Epstein Barr Virus, the Herpes Virus family, and other fatigue causing Viruses. Programming like, “I am unforgivable”, “everything is always my fault”, “I am always to blame, Life is struggle, Life is pain, Life is exhausting, relationships are struggle and pain, emotions, mine and other peoples are painful and exhausting”, and so much more!

This Healing also goes into resolving oaths, vows and contracts we are often carrying to take on the battles and illness of others. And it brings in powerful new programming to help us to create healthier boundaries and have greater Self Love and permission to create joy and love in our lives.

This healing includes allergy healing for Epstein Barr Virus, Herpes Viruses, Mononucleosis, Cytomegalovirus, Haemophilus Influenzae, Coxsackievirus, SARS CoV2, the emotions: stress, overwhelm, unworthy, unworthiness, worthy, boundaries, powerless, power, helplessness, hopelessness, depression, fatigue, shame, guilt, and many parts of the body where these viruses are most commonly stored and more.

You are also receiving a Download and Activation of the properties and frequencies of the vitamins and minerals and potent homeopathics to support your immune function and shift of these Viral patterns quickly on all levels.

EAH Bacteria Detox Healing

This healing is focused on healing our relationship with a handful of bacteria that I see most often when working with clients to resolve many different symptoms, inflammatory patterns and disease, including the most common Lyme bacteria, and it has specific belief work for Lyme disease as well.

EAH is incredibly powerful and the best way I know to not only release bacteria, and bacteria related toxins from the body, but to also calm down inflammation in the body that is caused by them, and to create protection or immunity for our body with bacteria.

This healing tool has a range of focus, but it isn’t covering all bacteria that I have in the allergy kits that I work with, so it can be helpful to also still identify the specific bacteria needed for a person and their symptoms and do an allergy healing for those separately along with this healing, this is what I most often do.

This healing often gets infection and illness due to the bacteria this is working with,  under control quickly when repeated daily until feeling better. Often in just a day or 2! Some have reported feeling better in just minutes! It is also designed to give people powerful support for healing on all levels with Lyme disease bacteria, and has a preventative or immunity effect, helping us stay healthy when exposed to these bacteria in the future.

This healing goes deep to dissolve negative programming and emotions commonly found when we struggle with bacterial patterns…beliefs about being alone, that grief, anger, guilt, sadness, suffering or pain are our lot in life, are all we are worthy of, and much more.

With this healing we are also dissolving trauma from times we have been sick, devastated, wiped out, died from bacteria or witnessed our loved ones destroyed from them, or witnessed whole families, communities devastated by bacteria or disease.

It dissolves programming that we have to heal others by taking on their bacteria, their illness, or disease, or their pain. Resolving all oaths, vows and contracts, and curses to heal others by taking on their bacteria.

Resolves and dissolves oaths, vows and contracts to take on your Mothers, your Fathers, your children’s guilt, your families, your spouses/partners shame, remorse, regret, hatred, anger, fear, to take on the fear, guilt, shame, anger, hatred, regret, remorse for the planet, for the collective, for those you love, your ancestral lineage. 

And this all only a part of what all is clearing from you with this healing that can be causing bacterial imbalances and struggles. 

Includes allergy healing for BBF, organs kits, glands kits, heart, brain, nervous system, blood/vascular system kit, body tissues, skeletal system kit, Cells/DNA/RNA, immune system kit, tics, Lyme Disease, the following bacteria: Borriella Afzelii, Borrelia Garinii, Borrelia Hermsii, Borrelia Parkeri, Borrelia Miyamotoi, Borrelia Mayonii, Borrelia Burgdorferi, Borrelia Recrentis, Bartonella Hensalea, Rickettsia Typhi, Rickettsia Prowazeki, E-Coli Species Bacteria, Salmonella Species Bacteria, Staphylococcus Species Bacteria, Streptococcus Species Bacteria, Babesia, guilt, shame, remorse, regret, hatred, anger, fear, people, events and places kit, spiritual kit, Emotions kit, Environmental Factors Kit. 

You are also receiving a download and activation of the properties and frequencies of some vitamins, minerals and homeopathics to strengthen your immune system, support and quicken healing with food poisoning bacteria, Lyme bacteria, streptococcal, and staphylococcal bacteria.

EAH Microorganisms Detox Healing
(yeasts, molds, fungus, parasites)

To release our struggle with these microorganisms we need to focus healing on the causes of the resentment that is at the root of these yeast and fungal patterns as well as the energy of resentment itself. This, along with deep work on parasitical patterns which are connected to victim mentality/belief structures are the focus of this Healing.

This healing goes deep into dissolving negative programming, Oaths, Vows and Contracts and trauma that feed the feeling/emotion of resentment which is the frequency that harmful yeast and fungus resonate.

Clearing out heavy vibrational energies that create patterns of being/feeling taken advantage of.

Bringing in powerful Downloads to shift you more and more into your power, activating your true power that is connected to your Divine Sovereignty through your heart! Bringing in the energy and frequency of forgiveness and pure Source Love into every cell, into every part and aspect of you.

This healing includes the necessary allergy healing for the parts of the body most often affected by molds, fungi and parasites, Candida Albicans and other yeasts.

We are clearing an extensive list from my allergy healing kits (Energetic Allergy Healing Kits contain over 8000 allergens) of molds, fungus, parasites, and yeast, along with a handful of emotions that these microorganisms resonate at like resentment, regret, remorse, anger, hatred, procrastination, avoiding, hiding, grief, boundaries and more.

You are also receiving a Download and Activation of the properties and frequencies of the vitamins, herbs and minerals and specific homeopathics to assist you in releasing parasites, yeasts and fungus, support detox and higher immune function.

Special Bonus Healing Audio: Healing Your Relationship with Nature"

This healing contains many spiritual technologies, belief work and downloads and of course allergy healing to clear trauma, including cellular memories, conscious and unconscious trauma from this life time and all life times, realities, timelines, and dimensions where you have experienced a histamine response/allergy/resistance/disharmony with the nature on our planet, with the pollens, the flora and vegetation on this planet. It will clear these allergies for you that are specific to what is growing and in the air where you live, that may be in your home, your yard, and/or the city/province you live in. 

It is also clearing allergies to Vitamin C, Proteins, Radiation and dust as I often find these necessary for many people to resolve allergies to pollens, flora, fruits and vegetables.

This means this healing is also going to help you with digestion and absorption of proteins and Vitamin C and help you to release toxins in the body from many forms of radiation exposure.  

The emotions/feelings irritation, annoyance, and aggravation are commonly a part of environmental allergies so we are working with those along with other emotions, so this is a good healing to utilize when you are feeling those feelings.

Note: You may need to listen to this healing when you travel to new places as the pollen, vegetation/flora, and even the dust  will be different depending on where you are.

Includes Allergy Healing for: flora and pollens kit, vegetables, fruits, spices and herbs, Vitamin C, proteins, earth element, mineral kit, spiritual kit, radiation kit, the body, allergy combinations, sugars, dust, environmental factors, irritated/irritation, aggravated/aggravation, annoyance/annoyed, anger, confusion, spiritual kit, people, places and events kit.

I’m Ready for My Whole Body Detox!​


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Miracle Healing Client Stories​


This work has helped My daughters stay healthy during the school year when Viruses and Bacterias are flying around, or if they do pick something up, they recover much faster and we never need to go to the Dr.! 

I love Kimberlie and I love this modality!

~ Jen Carder

I listened to this healing last night and felt an instant change in my usually always inflamed sinuses! I could actually breathe better! Thank you! ❤

~ Jayne Ann Dietrich.

After listening to your allergy clearing for environmental agents I can work in the yard. I cut all the blackberries that came in, I came back in for lunch, and nothing! No allergy symptoms whatsoever!

~ Nicole Sanchez

I wanted to tell you something awesome! I stopped taking my antihistamines after our allergy healing sessions. In the past, when I would stop them, in a day or so my nose would be so full and I would be draining and all a mess. It would be hard to dust and vacuum. Last week, I did a deep clean and when I emptied my very full vacuum canister….NO ISSUES! Usually I gag and sneeze and have trouble breathing. NONE! Not one issue dusting or emptying the vacuum canister. This is the first time ever I have not been affected by dust! So thank you!!!!!!!!

~ Amanda Soltwisch

Before meeting Kimberlie, I had two rounds of antibiotics, was given a chest X-ray script, and was really upset that an inhaler was in my near future. Diagnosis, Asthma. Being Pro holistic health, I had done EFT, Reiki, energy work, emotion release, thetahealing, to name a few…I then started working with Kim in her allergy healing program and….wait for it….I could jog…next to trees! It was as if I was breathing for the first time! I was so grateful. No asthma pump, no bubble girl outfit, just me and my own lungs…Priceless. I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to work with Kimberlie to go for it. It will change your life!

~ Catherine Navarro

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