Living Allergy Free

Life-Changing Audio Healings for
Lasting Health & Increased Energy

You know allergies, inflammation, and pain are holding you back from living life to the fullest. You feel drained and depleted ALL the time. You’ve tried drugs, prescriptions and natural remedies but nothing works, or if it does it’s minimal or doesn’t last for long.

You’ve resigned yourself to your fate – you’ll never get to experience true freedom from your health problems.

Well, I’m happy to say…you’re wrong!

Living Allergy Free is a 12-week self-paced healing journey that will give you freedom from an extensive list of allergies, calm down inflammation, discomfort and pain in your body, AND allow your immune system to reboot and begin rebuilding itself stronger than ever before, possibly stronger than it’s ever been!


This audio healing package is perfect for you if you are struggling with a variety of allergies, lack of energy, feeling run down, suffer from skin disorders, digestive problems, hormone imbalances, as well as seasonal allergies, food sensitivities, and environmental/chemical sensitivities.


The Living Allergy Free journey includes ALL healing recordings in one simple, powerful package. You’ll be able to heal the most common allergies, those that are not as common — and everything in between along with the inflammation and disease they have created in your body!

Shauna Peterson

“My tummy has been doing so much better since our very first class-daily reflux and severe undiagnosed stomach pain GONE. Best of all this happened AFTER eating beans and salsa, two foods I’ve been afraid to try for many years. Have been off seasonal allergy medicines for weeks now with no problems. Huge Thank You to Kimberlie for a job well done.”

~ Shauna Peterson

When you experience the Live Allergy Free audio healing journey you will:

Experience a release of allergies to an incredibly in-depth range potential allergens across many different categories of what are commonly creating a negative immune response in the body, inflammation, pain, disease and dysfunction of all kinds for many people. 
In this 12 week program I work with over 6000 allergens to heal the body, clear allergies, reduce inflammation and restore health, vital energy, immune function, and wellbeing.
The allergens/energies being cleared in this program are in the following categories; vaccines, antibiotics, anesthesia, medications/drugs, bacteria, viruses, molds, fungus, and yeast.  Environmental substances like pollens, grasses, trees, weeds, flowers, dust, radiation, pollution, environmental chemicals, water, animals…..AND over 800 foods, sugars, proteins, vital nutrients like minerals, vitamins, salt, and essential fatty acids, parts of your own body, even emotions!

Begin to detox metals, chemicals, emotions and other physical and energetic substances that have been causing inflammation, pain and dysfunction.

Begin to absorb vital nutrients correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies so that your body systems can begin to rebuild for restored function. 

Reduce cravings to addictive substances like sugars, and fast food/junk food (food chemicals). This often happens quite quickly for people.

Begin to release pathogens that have been stored in the body creating fatigue, infection, a stressed immune system and other health issues.


Receive the unlimited magic of my Trauma Healing Series to go deeper on clearing out the dense energy of trauma in many focused areas of life. Trauma is very important to clear as it is one of the biggest ingredients in the allergies and inflammation we experience.

  • Soul Trauma Healing – This healing: Clears trauma and wounds from trauma, cellular memory of trauma, old trauma, soul level or past life trauma. We tend to carry this type of trauma in the master glands in the brain, but it can affect any part of the body and be creating allergies and inflammation in unique ways for different people. Brings in beautiful healing light to calm and heal the places and parts of you where the trauma patterns are being cleared.

    Resolving and Dissolving anywhere you have to hold trauma, keep it, bury it, store it, anywhere you aren’t allowed to release Soul Trauma, past life trauma and let it go, including all Oaths, Vows and Contracts to live this way, believe this way or feel this way. 

    Downloading that you are worthy and allowed to release soul trauma and past life trauma and that you know how to do that in the highest and best way. 

    Includes Allergy Healing for soul trauma, past life trauma, love, the Self, God, grief, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual/soul wounds, forgiveness, and all beings involved with the trauma stories being healed here through all time, the hypothalamus, pituitary, and  pineal glands, the brain, heart, and nervous system.

  • Inner Child Allergy Release – This healing: Clears trauma at specific ages, the priority age where trauma is trapped/stuck and clears the trauma, programming and stuck emotions from those experiences, and heals allergies to yourself at those ages.

    It then brings in an integration of the inner child to create wholeness.

    Clears one age/trauma at a time, so listen once a week and repeat several times over several weeks or as often as you feel guided. 

    Includes allergy healing for: the people, events and places kit, the spiritual kit, all parts and aspects of the Self, the inner child at the age that the trauma is being cleared from, and all involved with the trauma being healed here, the brain, heart, nervous system, Cells/DNA/RNA. 

  • Sexual Abuse Trauma Release – This healing: Clears trauma, shock, pain and suffering from sexual abuse on all levels, from the DNA, from all Parts and Aspects of the individual receiving this healing.

    It also resolves oaths, vows, and contracts to learn, grow, or spiritually evolve from sexual abuse, resolving the shame, guilt, unforgiveness, hatred, anger, resentment, regret, remorse, grief, sadness, sorrow, blame, heartbreak, confusion, dislike, unworthiness, depression, hopelessness, helplessness, low self worth, and all other low vibrational emotions stored from these experiences.

    Resolving all oaths, vows, and contracts to take on, hold and process sexual abuse trauma for your mother and your female lineage, for your father and your male lineage, for the collective, for women as a group or as a whole, for men as a group or as whole, or for children as a group or as a whole.

    Clearing these energies and patterns within your DNA, your ancestral lines.

    This Healing also provides deep relationship healing with the individual/s receiving this healing with all who have sexually abused the individual receiving this healing.

    Includes allergy healing for the Self, God, the abuser/s, sexual abuse, including rape trauma, molestation trauma, sexual slavery trauma, sexual entrapment trauma, prostitute/prostitution trauma, sexual manipulation trauma, sexual repression trauma, sexual suppression trauma, sexual control trauma, sexual ownership trauma, sexual experimentation trauma, anger, rage, confusion, love, joy, humiliation, condemned, resentment, shame, guilt, unforgiveness, hatred, regret, remorse, grief, sadness, sorrow, blame, heartbreak, confusion, shame, guilt, dislike, unworthiness, depression, hopelessness, helplessness, and low self worth, sex, all parts of the female and male sexual organs/parts of the body, orgasm, ejaculation, pleasure, desire, fear, receiving, tension, anxiety, sexual tension, sexual frustration, sexual anxiety, sexual stress, sexual confusion, sexual overwhelm, sexual fear, sexual anger.

  • Relationship Trauma Release – This healing:

    This healing tool is clearing abuse, loss, abandonment, rejection, and other relationship pain patterns across all time across all time, all lifetimes, realities, dimensions.

    Resolving and dissolving unhealthy contracts, oaths, vows, and obligations we have made to experience this with specific people, like our partners, our children, our siblings, our parents as well as any relationship you direct this healing to.

    It is dissolving hooks, cords and attachments within these connections that are creating entanglement, confusion, inflammation in the body, and draining our energy. 

    But it goes even further than that! We are connected to everyone and everything through the field of connection, although this is a deep topic that is fascinating to explore, put simply and in a way that can help you understand the vast ways you can use this healing tool.….we are in relationship with and to everyone and everything!

    You can direct this healing specific relationships between two or more people, or between an individual and a part of the body (organ, gland, cell, etc.), or between an individual and an object, food, or traumatic event, a pathogen. Just hold the person, place, thing or event in your mind as you are listening to this healing.

    This healing is layered with spiritual technologies to assist in dissolving those negative attachments, entanglements, and other distorted energies in our relationships AND to heal the parts of SELF that we’ve fragmented off from in our relationships, bringing us into wholeness, expanded personal sacred power, and bringing in deep forgiveness for all involved to powerfully heal our relationships!

    Includes an Energetic Allergy Healing for the individual receiving this healing and the priority person/being/relationship/things needed as identified by Creator and the individual receiving’s Divine Aspect, The Self, God, Mother, Father, husband, wife, lover, your Ex’s, boyfriend/girlfriend, our children, siblings, family, relationships, love, trauma, loss, confusion, abandonment, rejection, heartbreak, grief, sorrow and sadness, shock, trauma, chaos, and drama, anger, hate, resentment, guilt, shame, unforgiveness, the heart, vascular system, DNA, RNA, brain, and nervous system.

  • Battle and War Trauma – This healing:

    Is resolving and healing lifetimes of battle and war programming, anywhere we have to be on high alert, ready to defend our life or the lives of loved ones at any given moment. Dissolving the trauma from lifetimes of battle and war, trauma from terror, panic, fear, of being in high stress, of witnessing carnage, suffering, mass destruction of human life, and the trauma from dying in battles and wars, from losing loved ones in battle and war. 

    Resolving Oaths, Vows and Contracts to sacrifice ourselves for church and state, our governments and world leaders, and/or for God, to fight their battles, and again, all trauma we are holding from all times we have done this.

    This healing is also clearing trauma we are holding from conflicts, and fights or feuds within your family.

    It includes deep relationship healing work between you and your family members where this is happening or has happened in the past.

    Clearing trauma and other energies around being in the middle, being the peacemaker, being responsible for keeping the peace in the family.

    It also includes deep relationship healing work for you with your own SELF, the parts and aspects of self you have fragmented off from, that have been wounded and traumatized from these types of experiences, healing and bringing these parts and aspects of self back for integration, wholeness, and expansion of sovereignty.

    It is also clearing trauma from our own inner battles, inner war between our own thoughts and feelings, our own brain and heart, our own emotional and mental bodies, or from being in a state of constant inner turmoil and conflict. 

    Includes Allergy Healing for all parts and Aspects of Self that have been wounded, traumatized, distorted and fragmented off from Self from experiences of battles and wars fought  in all timelines, realities, dimensions, through all time and in between time, battle, war, conflict, overwhelm, stress, sorrow, grief, guilt, sadness, loss, anger, rage, unforgiveness, love, forgiveness, trust, unworthy, fear, terror, panic, shock, hatred, prejudice, the adrenal glands, the brain, heart, nervous system, cells/DNA/RNA, skeletal kit, organs kits, glands kits.

  • Death Trauma –  This healing is:

    Clearing trauma from pain and suffering experienced during the death process, dissolving shock, panic, terror, grief, anger, rage from all cells, organs, glands, nervous system, heart, brain, chakras, and subtle bodies from all lifetimes, timelines and dimensions for our own death experiences, and also for losing a loved one in death, or the trauma from witnessing a death.

    It includes deep relationship healing for you with the person/s, place or thing you have lost in death or are mourning that is unresolved in this lifetime, and/or another lifetime, reality, dimension, timeline.

    You can run this for any death, or death process you are mourning or holding trauma from, a pet, a plant, a tree, a nation, a country, even a divorce, or loss of someone or something that you love that may be for another reason, but feels like a death. Just hold that person, place or thing in your mind as you are receiving this healing.

    Includes allergy healing for death, the death process, death and death process trauma, spiritual kit, people, places and events kit, all trauma, emotions, and energies that vibrate at a frequency that is less than love that is being held from your own death experience, and/or from losing others in death or witnessing death and the death process, for the people, place or thing we feel we have lost in death, the brain, heart, nervous system, cells/DNA/RNA, skeletal kit, organs kits, glands kits, metabolic enzymes/digestive enzymes, blood tissues, the head kit, funerals, funeral homes, graveyards, graves, tombstones, burial grounds, cremation, caskets, tombstones, cremation, priests, pastors, religion/s, God, churches, and burial.

  • Accident/Injury Trauma – This healing is:

    Assisting you and your body in recovery from accidents and injuries on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Releasing you from the patterns that can and often do create these types of experiences in your life. 

    Clearing the cellular memory of pain that you are holding from these experiences from your nervous system and body.

    Resolving and healing all trauma, shock, panic, chaos and drama from accidents and injuries we experience from falls, collisions, wrecks, drowning, or any accident that caused injury, pain, and suffering in our body and life dissolving shock, panic, terror, grief, anger, rage from all cells, organs, glands, nervous system, heart, brain, chakras, and subtle bodies from all lifetimes, timelines and dimensions.

    This healing also contains deep relationship healing for you with the person/s, place or things involved in the accident and injury being cleared each time this healing is run.

    It’s also clearing klutz pattern and programming like I am Clumsy/a klutz, anywhere I am accident prone, anywhere I am an idiot, I am dumb, incapable, inadequate, unworthy, or stupid, anywhere I am unteachable, I am unlovable, anywhere bad things always happen to me, I am cursed, or will never learn, I hurt myself, I hurt other people, I am bad, wrong, evil, can’t do anything right, anywhere I am unforgivable and more.

    Includes allergy healing for accidents, injuries, pain, suffering, accident trauma, injury trauma, spiritual kit, people, places and events kit, emotions/feelings kit, klutz, clumsy, dumb, stupid, idiotic, wrong, accident prone, transportation kit, the home kit, animal kit, insect kit, all trauma, emotions, and energies that vibrate at a frequency that is less than love that we are holding from our own accident and injury experiences, and/or from witnessing accidents and injury of another, the brain, heart, nervous system, cells/DNA/RNA, skeletal kit, organs kits, glands kits, metabolic enzymes/digestive enzymes, vascular system, the head kit (ears, nose, throut, mouth).

  • Neglect Trauma Release – This healing is:

    Clearing trauma that you are holding from experiences of neglect, or from the absence of being recognized, from being seen, heard, nurtured, loved and cared for. 

    Clearing trauma and programming of feeling neglected, overlooked, like you don’t matter, of feeling unimportant, or like you don’t even exist, or from being a latch key kid, having to grow up before it was time, and patterns of unworthiness that often come from these experiences.

    Clearing programming like – I matter less than everyone else, I am invisible, I am unlovable, I am unworthy of love, of nourishment, care, compassion, kindness, nurturing, recognition, forgiveness, respect. I come last, I am a sacrifice, I am a burden, I am disposable, I am not good enough, or enough, everyone else is more important than me, is better than me, is more worthy than me. Anywhere I am hated, cursed, bad, wrong or evil, anywhere I am unwanted, undesirable, unlikable, untrustworthy, guilty, I am eternally punished, I am left out, I am alone, I am ignored, I am an outsider, and/or I don’t belong and more. 

    It’s also bringing in deep relationship healing for those who have been or are part of these neglect experiences, who have made you feel this way, and it’s also healing your relationship with yourself, the parts and aspects of SELF that we fragmented off from because of these experiences to bring you back into wholeness and sovereignty.

    Includes an allergy healing for: neglect, love, unloved, emotional pain, mental pain, physical pain, spiritual pain, suffering, neglect trauma, malnourished, spiritual kit, people, places and events kit, emotions/feelings kit, environmental factors kit, all trauma, emotions, and energies that vibrate at a frequency that is less than love that we are holding from our neglect experiences, the brain, heart, nervous system, cells/DNA/RNA, skeletal kit, organs kits, glands kits, metabolic enzymes/digestive enzymes, blood tissues, the head kit.

  • Psychological Abuse Trauma – This healing is: Clearing trauma from gas lighting experiences, narcissism, crazy making, and all forms of psychological abuse, mental abuse, mind control and mind manipulation we have experienced in all relationships in this lifetime and all lifetimes, realities and dimensions. 

    Clearing programming created or taken on from these experiences, and trapped emotions that are being held from these experiences and restoring or rebalancing of the brain and mental body.

    Dissolving Oaths, vows and Contracts to attract these types of experiences and relationships to learn, grow or spiritually evolve.

    Healing the mental body and brain where injury has occurred due to psychological abuse, and is also assisting in balancing your brain chemicals.

    Includes relationship healing between those we have experienced this with, and includes entity healing as well, as we will often take on entities from people like this when we are in relationship with them, and can still have them with us even after the relationship has ended.

    Includes a Sacred Light Filter that is attuned to the abuser/narcissist and any entities that they are connected to bring in powerful purification and protection for you on all levels extending out and around your biofield.

    Includes allergy healing for narcissism, narcissistic behaviors, narcissism trauma, the narcissist and/or abuser that abused the individual receiving this healing, brain trauma, mental trauma, mental abuse trauma, mind control trauma, mind control abuse, psychological abuse, psychological trauma, mental body, mind, brain and brain tissues, guilt, shame, fear, terror, panic, resentment, anger, hatred, rage, and unforgiveness, spiritual kit, people, places and events kit, emotions/feelings kit, environmental factors kit, all trauma, emotions, and energies that vibrate at a frequency that is less than love held from psychological and mental abuse experiences, the heart, brain, nervous system, cells/DNA/RNA, skeletal kit, organs kits, glands kits, metabolic enzymes/digestive enzymes, the head kit.

These activation style healings will assist you in releasing the energetic blocks, vows, contracts, stuck emotions and belief patterns that come from unhealed trauma that is held in the body, as well as the trauma itself so that you can heal, and live a radiantly healthy, happy life.

Feel lighter, stronger, more confident and centered on all levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually – as you move through your days with renewed energy and vitality.

Become more deeply grounded and connected to your higher guidance systems.

  Become more connected to heart and body.

  Expand into greater Self Love and Self Appreciation.

Expand into greater Sacred Personal Power!

Experience a gentle yet powerful 101 Feelings Download so you can start to heal at the deepest level of your being and integrate your allergy healings easily and naturally.

These audio recordings are yours for life …as we experience new emotional overwhelm, stress, or trauma on our “being human” journey, we can create new allergies, so you can utilize these again and 

“Now I can eat anything I want, no longer take allergy medicine, and feel better than I can ever remember feeling! Thank you Kim!”

~ Karen Fox

Here’s the transformational magic that you can look forward to when you participate in Living Allergy Free program...

Week 1 to 5

Powering Up Your Immune System With The Fundamentals

The brain recognizes an allergy as anything that causes immune reaction and inflammation in the body and this is the reaction that over-stresses and drains you of your life force energy. This means just one thing… A strong immune system is the solution. A strong immune systems protects you and drastically reduces allergies. This is why we’ll spend a substantial amount of time on what I like to call the “Fundamentals” because it’s SO important. During these first weeks, we will focus on strengthening and powering up your immune system.

We will do this by clearing allergies to vitamins, minerals, proteins, salts, sugars, yeasts, molds, fungus, parasites, and MANY parts of the body.

You will begin to absorb and utilize vital nutrients to nourish your cells, glands, organs, and literally begin building a new higher functioning immune system!

You’ll release emotions and beliefs that are keeping you trapped in poor health. We will also experience transformational Feeling Downloads together so you’re ready to receive the full power of the healings throughout the course of this program.


Week 6

The Emotions

This week is all about the emotions! We can be and are allergic to feelings, to emotions, and these emotions in my work can be people, places, or even specific events. Healing allergies to emotions is a BIG deal! That is why we are doing them before we move onto the rest of the allergen groups we will be healing in these recordings.

Week 7


Everyone gets really excited about this weeks healing!!

Imagine fearlessly enjoying a delicious scoop of butter pecan ice-cream on a hot summer’s day because you no longer experience adverse reactions to dairy?


This is the week you’ll begin saying goodbye to the days of strict diet rules and saying no to foods you love. You’ll experience healing around an incredibly extensive range of foods. This includes everything from seafood and fats, nuts, seeds, legumes, dairy, grains, spices, nightshade vegetables to beverages like chocolate, coffee, and alcohol. We will also cover all food chemicals, dyes, and preservatives.

Week 8

Environmentals - Part 1 - Chemicals, Toxic Substances & Agents

No more incessant sneezing. No more floundering blindly through a room as your nose and eyes drain uncontrollably because of a little dust!

This week, you’ll experience healing and allergy releases around all types of radiation, plastics, dust, pollution, smoke, industrial toxins, insecticides, fungicides, food and water chemicals and additives, detergents, cosmetics, adhesives and more.

Week 9

Environmentals - Part 2 - Environmental Factors, Agents, including insects and Your Pets

If you feel discomfort when you are in certain locations — maybe even your own home — you could be allergic to hidden substances in the floor, the carpet or the walls.

This will become a problem of the past when you heal and release allergies around environmental agents and chemicals in the home like insulation, drywall, carpet, heating and cooling systems, your mattress, bedding, fabrics and materials, fragrances and perfumes, and more.

We will also address pollens, trees, weeds, flowers, grasses in this week, so say goodbye to those antihistamines, no more hiding indoors when nature is in bloom!

Also included in this week are some of the most common insects, pets, and other animals.

Mosquitos don’t pay any attention to me anymore, and If you’ve always wanted a dog or a cat but felt you couldn’t have one because of allergies, you will start the work that will finally set you free to enjoy the companionship of a furry friend.

Week 10


Are you experiencing physical reactions such as inflammation to medications that you need, to control certain conditions?

During week 9, we will clear any and all allergies related to medications and drugs, immunizations, anesthesia, antibiotics, including narcotic/recreational drugs.

This will also help you to release the toxins and chemicals of these things from your body as well as allow the medications you do need to work better for you.

Weeks 11 and 12

Bacterias and Viruses

These last two weeks are dedicated to clearing all allergies related to viruses and bacteria. You may know these are living organisms but did you know that they carry belief systems and negative emotional energy just like us?

Health issues arise when we share the same beliefs and emotional patterns that they do. During this final week, we will do healing plus belief and emotion work, to release your energetic connections that contribute to repeated illnesses caused by viruses and bacteria.


Bacterias and Viruses can be involved with many of the inflammation and pain patterns we experience. We can hold many of these pathogens in our bodies and we begin collecting these from the time we are born. Clearing them as allergies can release us from recurring infection patterns as well as resolve pain and dysfunction in our bodies.

Your Living Allergy Free: Life-Changing Audio Healings for Lasting Healthy & Extraordinary Energy package includes:

I’m Ready to Live Allergy Free!


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$ 222
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Since doing Kimberlie’s Energetic 12 week Allergy Group Program my migraines that have been a monthly occurrence for 25 years stopped completely. I find myself feeling stronger, more powerful, and cleaner. I have stopped dealing with bullshit, mine and other people, you have something to say, spit it out, and pack in the mind games to:-).

I speak my truth, and say to people what i feel they need to hear, offering love and support and no longer holding back from doing that. My girls have stopped doing the teenage things and have blossomed into lovely people, its wiped all of their stuff off them too, we talk more easily, hold nothing back and are more genuine and comfortable with one another. I haven’t even completed the whole program yet…can’t wait to see what else heals!

~ Adele Sanders

I can lower my dose of medicine for my Thyroid. I have been on the same dose for at least 5 years now! I’m feeling very good – and the candida is gone!

~ Patricia Liesker-Lecieux

Before I met Kimberlie, I was very sick. I battled Lyme disease, and when I was finally over the Lyme, I was still pretty sick. I became allergic to everything  I put in my mouth. I was on a very strict diet for a couple of months, and then I met Kimberlie and I went through her allergy healing program and my life completely changed! I am now able to eat anything I want! 


Not only that, Kimberlie deals with the emotional root causes of everything. I was in a pretty bad place, not really happy with anything in my life. About a month after the allergy healing work, I made a move and I am in a completely different situation than I was before.

I really contribute that to Kimberlie and her Healing Work. If you are going through any kind of Allergies or Physical Ailments, or just need a new start, I really recommend Kimberlie’s Program. She is an amazing healer.

~ Madalyn Hope

Just want to thank Kimberlie for her work! I had worked so hard to heal my food allergies and autoimmune digestive disorder with so many healers and healing techniques that I learned. It wasn’t until her energetic allergy healing program with the allergy healing and deep belief work that I can finally eat dairy, cheese, wheat, gluten, grains and stay healthy!!

I had to retrain my brain to be in balance and harmony with these items and many more!! I am so thankful for this work that I became a practitioner of it!!!! I highly recommend her energetic allergy healing group program!!!!

Thank you to Kimberlie Carlson and energetic allergy healing that shifted my life and health tremendously!! So blessed to have you as a teacher!

~ Kristi Olander

I just realized I haven’t had any headaches since starting this program. I have had tension headaches almost weekly definitely bi-monthly for a long time. Feeling blessed! Excited to see what else heals in the coming weeks.

~ Rachael McGarry

Wow, when I listened to the recordings, during one of the release statements, I felt a blast of energy leaving my body. It was incredible! I’m feeling better each week.

~ Gloria Gerhing

It made such a big impact on our lives. I was completely freaked out when I first came to Kim because there were all these issues and problems that I couldn’t fix and knowing someone who could magically resolve our health issues was amazing.

~ Stacey Ellis Spain

I no longer have to live with perpetual food anxiety. I haven’t gotten a migraine in over a year. The dark circles under my eyes that I thought I was doomed with forever vanished. I can think clearly and stay alert all day long. I can actually go out to restaurants and be completely okay.

~ Sabrina Rose Nelson

I just wanted to pop in and send you some love!!! I am so damn grateful for you! I’m grateful because I found you! – even if you were referred! Lol I’m grateful because I love your energy and I feel safe in your hands. I’m grateful because I feel better. I’m grateful because we are doing great things together. For this and more I am grateful. Thank you!

~ Catherine Navaro

After recently going through her Allergy Program I have so much more energy, have little to no inflammation issues, and feel so much better! Kimberlie is patient, kind and an exceptional practitioner who is so very knowledgeable and I am so very grateful for her.

~ Bailey Sprow

I’m Ready to Live Allergy Free!


$ 397
  • One-time Payment
Best Value


$ 222
  • 2x Payments Billed Monthly
Credit Cards       30 Datys Money Back Gurantee       Secure Checkout


No. Energy healing works through direct connection to the Creator, Source, Universal Consciousness, or God  – however you want to name that eternal Higher Power. This is based on the healer’s connection to Source — in this case mine — not yours. 🙂

I have seen allergies heal for people with all kinds spiritual beliefs, from many different cultures, religious denominations, and even for those who are agnostic or don’t believe in God at all. It works the same for everyone. Again, this is because it is my connection to Source that matters as the facilitator of the healing.

The Placebo effect is a demonstration of the human soul having dominion or choice over the physical universe. This means that depending on the mindset and perception a person has on WHAT HE BELIEVES TO BE TRUE, that belief has a direct and measurable effect on a more positive outcome on important transformations such as healing the body. The Nocebo effect is basically the opposite in that a negative belief can cause negative outcomes. Understanding and practicing this important point will allow you to become an effective participant of your own healing.

Energetic Allergy Healing is a life-changing modality that completely heals and eliminates allergies and inflammation from our bodies. An allergy is traditionally defined as a hypersensitive physical response to specific substances, but it is so much more than that.

An allergy is essentially inner resistance showing up as a negative, immune reaction in your body. Resistance is the absence of harmony. When you are in any kind of resistance – emotional, and/or spiritual – you are literally absorbing this resistance into your body. This is how allergies and inflammation are created.

Allergy healing releases this unconscious resistance and restores harmony by dissoving deep negative programming, traumas, and emotions that are causing this resistance within you. When this happens, your body naturally falls back into alignment with your external and internal environment at the energetic and cellular levels.

As a result, substances in your environment, such as grains, pollens and dust, that previously caused an allergic reaction will no longer affect you because you have reached deep harmony on a spiritual, energetic and cellular level.

You may feel nothing at all or you may feel tired during and after the healings as many of my clients do. You may feel mild, physical sensations as the energy runs through your body. Sometimes, there are emotional releases that happen as the allergies release. You may experience more and more positive emotional states, and an overall improved feeling of well being. Here’s an example of an emotional healing that happened…

I had one client tell me after about two allergy healing sessions with me, she began journaling to her mother. She started releasing many thoughts and feelings about her mother and their relationship, that she had kept bottled up her whole life and because of this, her relationship with her mother improved greatly!

It is likely that at some point (whether it’s during a healing program or after) the energy that begins flowing more and more through your body, WILL BECOME PALPABLE — you will actually be able to sense it. When you do, you’ll feel powerful life-giving energy running through you and that tends to bring with it new levels of joy, peace and compassion, forgiveness for self and others and true personal growth.

It depends. How many allergies or sensitivities do you have? How deeply rooted are they?  How much trauma, negative emotions and negative belief systems are attached to each of these allergies for you?

Many allergies and conditions heal quickly. Some may require more healing, and some will improve and disappear over time. On average, it will take about 3 months for you to more fully experience everything this work has healed, and will continue to heal in your body as time passes.

About every 3 months, your body produces brand new cells. When you are no longer allergic to the nutrients required to create healthy cells, you will be able to absorb these nutrients properly. Your body will be able to use these nutrients and as a result the new cells that are produced every 3 months will be stronger and healthier.  

So, some symptoms you have will disappear immediately depending on what they are, some will disappear during the weeks you are receiving the healings, some about 3 months after your allergy healing, and some may get better or be gone at the 6-month mark and after. You will get better and better as time goes on. If you have chronic illness including autoimmune diseases, I highly suggest purchasing a few private sessions with me, as you may need some extra healing support. Private sessions can really accelerate your healing process as well.

I’ve watched many, many people say goodbye to their medications, or, be able to dramatically reduce them….inhalers, antihistamines, pain medications, thyroid and high blood pressure medications, acid reflux medications, antacids and more after experiencing these healings.

This work is awesome for people who really do need medications as well…I’ve also seen people reverse their allergies to pain medications or specific prescriptions. The result being that these people were finally able to experience the maximum benefits of these medications that didn’t work previously or that caused severe reactions. It has also helped people have an easier time with treatments such as Chemotherapy.

Allergy healing helps people who need to lose weight in several different ways. The tendency is for the body and body weight to normalize without dieting. You may find that you start to lose weight in the months after these healings. You may notice that your food choices and patterns automatically begin to change for the better and continue to change over time.

Healing allergies to foods and elements like sugar, food chemicals, grains, fats, and salts will naturally curb your cravings for it. You will begin to notice many of the foods you used to love, won’t taste as good to you or, you will want much less of it than you did before.

When your body is allergic to vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats, it will treat these important nutrients as toxins and reject them. This causes a counter productive energy drain and inflammation in the body. The body then goes into starvation mode even when your stomach is physically full, often causing you to overeat. After clearing the allergies, this process normalizes. You feel less hungry and more satisfied when you eat.

Because allergies are almost always associated with negative emotional states, when we remove the allergies, we remove the negative emotional aspects around eating and the joy of eating good, healthy nutritious foods, will return.

Hormone imbalances almost always play a big role in weight gain, having allergy healing done for hormones, neurochemicals even DNA, and the fats and other nutrients used to make hormones, will help stabilize and bring them back into balance. The natural result of this is often weight loss, along with the healing of many other hormone-related issues. The more that get’s cleared the more your energy gets redirected and used to normalize body process such as weight control.

If you are going through detox protocols, having allergy healing done first will greatly increase the results.

When confusion is cleared between the brain and body about a toxin, and the beliefs and negative emotions that you are carrying and are attached to these toxins are removed (allergy healing does both of those things), your body will begin naturally eliminating toxins like heavy metals, chemicals, and radiation to name a few.

Yes you will listen to them again! I always suggest that people listen to all of the recordings quarterly. When you do this, you probably won’t need much from each recording, but will need a few allergens from each allergy group, so listen to them all! You can listen to a couple of the recordings at a time, everyday until they are completed again.

This happens for two reasons: First we continue to go through periods of stress and overwhelm in our lives…we are human…. which may cause certain allergies that have been cleared in the past to get re-triggered, or reactivated. If you have healing abilities yourself, or are an empath this will be especially true for you. Healers and empaths are naturally more sensitive. Believe me, I know!

The second reason is that with some allergies the deeper level that they need healing on doesn’t surface until weeks or months down the road, after you have had your initial allergy healing done. We aren’t capable of releasing everything all at once, that is why I do this work the way that I do, only healing so much at one time, and having you listen to the recordings a few times before we move to the next one, to keep healing deeper and deeper levels/layers.

So when you have pain, illness, or discomfort show up in your body in any form, headaches, stomach ache, the flu, a cold, a rash, a toothache, LISTEN TO ALL OF THE RECORDINGS again! This is a sign that a few of your allergies have been re-triggered, or are ready to heal at a deeper level. If your symptoms persist, schedule an appointment with me, as you may have a unique allergy or combination of allergies needed that are not in my allergy kits. Even though I have thousands of allergens in my kits, this does happen sometimes.

Understanding the power of this allergy healing is critical. Dedicating yourself to it, and using all of its resources will yield the results you are looking for!

The human body is made up mostly of bacterias and microorganisms…we are 10% human and 90% microbial! There are some that we need to eliminate and many that we need to learn to work in harmony, peace, and balance with. They can be our friends.

Viruses and Bacterias have an intelligence. They carry both negative and positive belief systems and emotions just like we do! When we experience viruses like Epstein Barr, or struggle with Strep, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Lyme Bacterias, or food poisoning related bacteria like Salmonella or Ecoli, we are attracting them because we are sharing a belief system with them. This allergy healing work takes care of most of that. The number one reason is because it strengthens your immune system, but also because it pulls those negative belief systems and emotions from you AND from the viruses and bacterias in your body, which allows both you and the virus or bacteria to be free of each other.  But if you struggle with being free of certain viruses and bacterias, if you are still getting sick repeatedly, even after your initial allergy healing recordings, please schedule a session with me so that we can identify any stubborn belief systems and emotions, and/or possible pathogens that are you keeping you stuck in that pattern!

This varies from person to person and from week to week, but it does happen.

When people are going through the weeks of allergy healing, many do experience symptoms flare up, or new symptoms even pop up, often you may notice this happens 2 or 3 days before you listen to a new week’s healing. This is your body telling you it needs what is coming, and this tends to be the experience of those who are more “sensitive”.

This can also happen as you process the healing that you just received, which is anywhere from 12 to 72 hours depending on the person, how many allergies a person is actually clearing from the weeks healing, and how large the allergy is, so this also varies. Some common physical symptoms that occur are fatigue, needing extra sleep or rest after a healing, headaches, stomach ache or nausea, or a symptom you have been dealing with, or have dealt with in the past may flair up….these all will pass, but I felt it important to share this with you upfront because it can feel scary, confusing, or upsetting if you don’t understand that this can be a natural part of your healing process. Remember you can always schedule a private session with me for extra support.

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