1:1 Miracle Energetic Allergy Healing Experience

A personalized, deeply powerful healing experience that will change everything …
Kimberlie Carlson White

You’re ready embrace the life you desire…

A life of joy, freedom, divine love, spiritual expansion…

A life where you get to enjoy the highest level of vibrant health and energy all-the-time

If you said yes, then you’re ready for the 1:1 Miracle Energetic Allergy Healing Experience.

These are private, intensive healing sessions where we’ll work together so you can experience an expansive, enlightening healing journey that will change the you feel in your body, mind and spirit.

Miracle Energetic Allergy
Healing Experience

The Holistic Health Package

1 x 1:1 60-Minute

Perfect for you if you’ve never worked with me before. Together we'll work with your Higher Self and Spirit to remove obstacles that are causing inflammation in your body and discomfort in your life, and create Sacred Space for your Divine Gifts to blossom.

We can also use our time together to bring light to symptoms you may be experiencing and work on clearing your allergies.

Once you reserve your session, you will be redirected to my calendar to schedule our time together. When we meet, we'll confirm the outcome your heart desires which will guide my work during our time together.

If you love the session, you can sign up for a package of sessions or apply for the mentorship program.

Infinite Divine Health: 12 Week Accelerated Healing Mentorship Package
(Limited Availability)

This is truly life-changing healing work. If you have multiple chronic health issues, autoimmune disease, have been health and energy challenged for a while now….this mentorship is perfect for you.

  • You’ll receive exclusive custom healing designed to accelerate your unique healing journey.

  • You will experience intensive Energetic Allergy Healing plus my entire extensive range of advanced healing tools and techniques.

  • You will be held in a sacred healing space throughout our time together, with access to me for support in between sessions as well.

  • You will not only transform your health, but as allergies and inflammation are caused from the trauma, emotional overwhelm, and negative programming we carry, we’ll be going to go deep into healing many areas of your life!

I’m here to say your story CAN change and nothing brings me greater pleasure than to facilitate this change for people!

Note: Due to the intensive, and deep nature of these sessions, this Accelerated Healing Option is open to just 3 people each month. Please click below, to fill out the application form.

Regular Price: $2,997

                                                                                 (Payment Plans are available)

Once you submit your application form you will be redirected to my calendar to schedule a call so we can discuss availability and other details to see if it is a right fit for both of us.


Patricia Liesker-Lecieux

Patricia Liesker-Lecieux

“I can lower my dose of medicine for my Thyroid. Have been on the same dose for at least 5 years now! I’m feeling very good - and the candida is gone!”

Shauna Peterson

Shauna Peterson

"I have stopped taking all my usual natural and homeopathic allergy medicines without thinking about it. Went to the garden yesterday, harvesting spring flowers. No sneezing and no swollen throat. Nice!"

Rachael McGarry

“I just realized I haven't had any headaches since starting this program. I have had tension headaches almost weekly definitely bi-monthly for a long time. Feeling blessed! Excited to see what else heals in the coming weeks.”

Gloria Gerhing

Gloria Gerhing

“Wow, when I listened to the recordings, during one of the release statements, I felt a blast of energy leaving my body. It was incredible! I’m feeling better each week”

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