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CoCreating Miracles with Sacred Light Foundations

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Creating Sacred Foundations for Workers of the Light. You are here.....You ARE a worker of the Light!

You hold special codes that enable you to hold more light and emit that light out to the world.......

You hold these Sacred Codes in your heart.

Hi! We are Elysia Hartzell and Kimberlie Carlson, healers, teachers, and leaders in spiritual awakening and development, paving the way to higher dimensional and multidimensional living. 

A little bit more about us…

We have been best friends since we were 17 years old. We didn't know it then, but we were on the same spiritual path, our divine paths were intertwined,  and today we often work together to guide and assist others to embody their own Divinity and become Master Creators of their own lives by harnessing their own magic and power, assisting others in Creating from their highest potential.

One of the ways that we do this is by empowering YOU with our combined spiritual knowledge and healing experience of over 20 years, and also by activating you and gifting you with some specific tools that we use ourselves everyday with phenominal, even miraculous results not only for ourselves and our families, but also for our clients.

Our hearts, minds and souls connecting with each other and the Universe and beyond was incredibly Powerful and Transformational in this sacred space.... Beyond words. I am still vibrating!

Jeannine Mullin
~Jeannine Mullin

These tools have accelerated my work times a hundred…My life has completely revolutionized since doing this course!

~Sabrina Piergrossi

THANK YOU so much, Elysia and Kim, for courageously sharing your amazing gifts with all of us! My life and the lives of so many are all so much better because of you!

Ann Fleenor
~Ann Fleenor

Welcome to CoCreating Miracles With Sacred Light Foundations Certification Class

Our Unique, multidimensional healing method that works to heal all parts of you: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. With this modality you will peel back the layers of trauma, negative belief systems, and other important dense energies that must be discovered and healed till the often multifaceted root cause is discovered and every aspect of an issue is healed.

This is how you can create miracle healings of your own!

These are the spiritual tools that literally changed both of our lives on so many levels and equipped us to bring through and share all of the healing work we do and teach today

These are the tools we used to change our own money stories, never having enough, living paycheck to paycheck, under constant financial stress, strain, and struggle!

Today we both have thriving businesses and are able to provide well for ourselves and our families without that constant stress and fear.

We have also, through this work, been able to shed the deep programming of unworthiness, guilt, and shame that was necessary for us both to step into our power and become, not only healers, but also teachers and leaders in spiritual development.

This was something we could only dream of for decades as we had so much to work through, to shed and dissolve to get here...and again, these are the tools that healed the programming, traumas, and other dense energies that were keeping us stuck in these stories of fear, lack, and powerlessness.

Before we were using these tools with clients, we were also able to help our children and other family members with many things that they struggled with, from becoming free of unhealthy relationships with “friends”, releasing trauma and negative programming that came from going through divorce and navigating step families, cleaning up trauma from losing a parent and beloved grandparents to cancer, healing their “stuff” that kept them from shining their light, from thinking and feeling they were less than, unlovable or unworthy, and all of our girls have blossomed into powerful, successful young women that are really enjoying their lives and shining!

This brings us unending joy!

It also brings us great joy to share these powerful healing tools with those whose hearts feel the call of the healer, the call from the soul to do healing work for yourself and family, or to uplevel your current healing practice with proven, easy, effective, fast healing tools that have literally changed our lives and the lives of thousands......

There’s a beautiful word -- an energy -- that describes the essence of my experience with Elysia and Kimberlie. They are completed devoted to each individual they work with. I experienced this myself, as I have personally witnessed and felt their devotion to my transformation, to my well-being and to my healing on all levels – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. There is devotion in every moment and in every healing.

I’ve since experienced more abundance, more peace, more joy, more evolution and expansion in my life and business than ever before. Working with these ladies wasn’t just a life-changing experience – it was a life-giving experience.

Elysia and Kim are among The Chosen Ones -- healers of pure light, pure love and pure integrity. And if you ever have the opportunity to experience their incredible healing gifts and their devotion firsthand, don’t let it pass you by!

~ShantinI Rajah
Intuitive Expression Coach, Creative Copywriting Teacher & Energy Practitioner

Witnessing my soul growth, healing and ascension while working with both Elysia and Kimberlie over an extended period of time was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Their huge hearts shine through in all they do. They have the gifts to go to the root of the problem and clear it quickly – ancestry, lineage, oaths, vows, contracts, the things we as energy healers can’t always do on our own or for ourselves.

And that is the true benefit of working with both Kimberlie and Elysia at the same time. Together, they make a formidable team.

I booked two high end offers as a result of clearing old blocks and trauma. And my body and body systems were regulated and functioning with sustained energy! Most significant for me was - my spirit was renewed with my own zeal and excitement for life and the opportunity to live my own passions and purpose.

Sherry Frey
~Sherry Frey

In this Class, over 5 weeks, you will receive:

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This class helped me bring more authenticity into every single session. It has allowed me to see more of MY Divine Gifts. I have evolved tremendously from taking this course.

It opened up new ways for me to feel energy and to visually see energy....my clairs are super magnified. It completely opened me up to a new way of receiving energy, of sensing, seeing even smelling…

Karina Del Pezzo
~Karina Del Pezzo

Thank you to Kimberlie Carlson and Elysia Hartzell for all the amazing work sacred soul alignments and energetic allergy healing that shifted my life and health tremendously!! So blessed to have you both as teachers!

Kristi Olander
~Kristi Olander

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