If you are here, YOU are a worker of the Light!

You hold special codes that enable you to hold more light and emit that light out to the world...

Whether you consciously understand it or not, you hold these Sacred Codes in your heart.

Ready to unlock them?

Within this class are the spiritual tools that literally changed our lives on so many levels and equipped us to bring through and share all of the healing work we do and teach today.

These tools will help you shift your reality from lack and struggle to abundance and ease in all of life's major areas: money, relationships, health, happiness, and freedom. 

We know they work, because we've experienced their powers ourselves. We've both gone from never having enough, living paycheck to paycheck, dealing with major health challenges, being overwhelmed with grief, anger, and disappointment, feeling trapped in cycles of unbelievable stress, trauma, and struggle to having thriving businesses and the ability to provide well for ourselves and our families without constant stress and fear. We feel younger, healthier, more vibrant, and happier today than we could ever have believed possible.

We've also used these tools to shed the deep programming of unworthiness, guilt, and shame that was necessary for us both to step into our power and become, not only effective healers, but also teachers and leaders in spiritual development. 

This was something we could only dream of for decades, as we had so much to work through, to shed and dissolve to get here. These are the tools that healed the programming, traumas, and other dense energies that were keeping us stuck in these stories of fear, lack, and powerlessness.

In this certification class you will receive:

Hi! We're Elysia Hartzell and Kimberlie Carlson,  forerunners in the current light technologies and frequencies on this planet. 

As healers, teachers, and leaders in spiritual awakening and development, we are passionately dedicated to a singular soul mission: to be a conduit of the highest light, to anchor that light and create an incredible ripple effect by empowering light workers, healers and intuitives all over the world with the most thorough, deep and potent foundational healing tools, techniques, teachings, and spiritual practices, all the way to the highest levels of multidimensional spiritual technologies that are available. 

Together we have created CoCreating Miracles with Sacred Light Advanced Practitioner Certification, Sacred Light Foundations Practitioner Certification, Sacred Light Practitioner Level 2 and Level 3 Certification, with Level 4 and 5 already on the horizon! 

And we are also known for the healing modalities that we have created individually as well. Me, Energetic Allergy Healing and Elysia, Sacred Soul Alignment. 

We have been best friends since we were 17 years old. We didn't know it then, but we were on the same spiritual path, our soul paths were intertwined,  and today we  work both individually and together to guide and assist others to embody their own Divinity and become Master Creators of their own lives by harnessing their own magic and sacred personal power so they can effectively expand into their highest potential and assist others to do the same.

One of the ways that we do this is by empowering YOU with our combined spiritual knowledge and healing experience of over 20 years, and also by activating you and gifting you with some specific tools that we have created together and individually over the past 6 years. 

Healing Tools that we use ourselves everyday with phenomenal, even miraculous results not only for ourselves and our families, but also for our clients.

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