Sacred Union with the Divine
Join us for a Divine Soul Gathering... A retreat that is all about coming home to yourself, the Divine that IS YOU!

August 1st - 5th 2019

The way to come home to yourself, embody and connect on deeper levels with your Divine is to do work that heals, integrates and merges your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. The more these merge and balance the more we become the full expression of LOVE which is WHO WE ARE! This allows us to not only embody the creating and birthing process of the Divine Feminine but also the outward directed action energy of the Divine Masculine.

This is how we come HOME to SELF…..This is how we become the true Master Cocreators we have come here to learn how to be!

What better place to move more fully into the LOVE that we are, than the incredibly grounded and cosmic Mt Shasta which is a perfect embodiment of the Divine Feminine and Masculine.

Welcome to our Retreat

This is NO ORDINARY Retreat!!! You will be immersed in some POTENT energy during your stay at the Mountain! 

Is the Mountain calling YOU? With the support of Mt. Shasta we will be bringing through healing that is focused on unlocking aspects and parts of you that have been blocked and/or dormant and a remembering….. 

During this Sacred 4-day retreat you will experience

A reconnection to your Divine on a whole NEW LEVEL! Your next Soul evolutionary leap….as this retreat will be focused on bringing parts of you online that you have yet to access in this lifetime.

We will do this through Activations, Attunements, deep SoulMate/Soul Family connection, Sacred Play, and the power of beautiful Mt Shasta!!

As we have been sitting with the energies coming through for this retreat we are humbled and honored as we are also understanding that each soul attending this retreat holds special codes and keys for each other and we are beyond excited to both facilitate and witness this.

Over 4 beautiful, life-altering days you’ll:

  • Receive powerful and exclusive, LIVE Downloads, Attunements, Activations, Healings and esoteric spiritual knowledge from not just one but TWO highly experienced and gifted Healers and Teachers who work with deep integrity and alignment.
  • Use Sacred Technologies and magical tools such as crystals and discover how to implement secret practices, rituals and processes to shift from merely “manifesting” to becoming a Divine Co-Creator who’s empowered to call in a life of joy, love, health, abundance and freedom.
  • Experience the unparalleled energy and healing that can ONLY happen in a LIVE environment while you are encircled by a group of kindred spirits – your soul family.
  • Come into Sacred Union with the Guides and Beings of  Mt. Shasta who will help you open up to limitless potential and possibilities as you receive profound healing and transformation for your Highest and Best Good.
  • Activate higher frequencies and stregthen your connection to higher aspects of your Divinity so that you can bring through all of your desires from the spiritual and energetic plane into the material plane.
  • Experience your Souls next evolutionary leap as healing is brought through to unlock aspects and parts of you that have been blocked or dormant and a remembering or a reconnection to your Divinity on a whole new level. 
  • Work deeply with your own Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to bring you into deeper Sacred Union with the Divine through Activations, Attunements, Deep Soulmate Family Connection and Sacred Play!
  • Experience FOUR POWERFUL Sacred excursions utilizing the most potent energies and places of Mt. Shasta to bring through intesified upgrades for rapid Transformation. (See below for all the amazing details)
  • Experience the magical waters of the Mountain daily, which act like a liquid light source to amplify and anchor the high vibrational frequencies  to assist the integration as well as the shedding and releasing process. 




The level of deep healing, and spiritual elevation and expansion that is going to take place during Sacred Union with the Divine will be beyond anything else you’ve experienced before and will allow us and you to work with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in a majorly profound and powerful way….this is the key reason we chose Mt Shasta.

You will be staying at a private retreat center that is a peaceful, nurturing, healing space that emanates pure tranquility and the beautiful, grounding, yet cosmic energies of Mt Shasta. You will be surrounded by the magnificent natural beauty and magic all around as you embark on your transformational spiritual journey at the retreat.

Sacred Union with the Divine Retreat will take place over 4 days from the 1st to the 5th of August 2019. 

This is an ALL-INCLUSIVE retreat, which means your stay includes your lodging, dinner our first night together, breakfast, lunch and beverages all days, AND all 4 Sacred Play Outings, which you are going to LOVE! There are rooms/beds in our main retreat space and glamping tents on the property to choose from for your stay.  First come first pick on the rooms.

Please note…this does not include cost of airfare or other travel expenses


Hi! We’re Elysia Hartzell (Spiritual Teacher, Healer & creator of the Sacred Soul Alignment™ modality) and Kimberlie Carlson (Spiritual Teacher, Healer & creator of the Energetic Allergy Healing™ modality)…

We go way back as Soul Friends in this lifetime (and in many other lifetimes!) and we’ve also been blessed with aspects of Divine Partnership in our friendship

Here’s the first thing we’d like for you to know…

We’re SO excited that you’re here reading this! It means you’re being called to rise up into higher aspects of your own Divine and Self Mastery!

This is a sign that you are resonating with higher frequencies and you are ready to embrace the deep work we will be doing together with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, as well as connecting or re-connecting with your Lumarian Family and rich spiritual heritage of this timeline.

We know all about this type of divine calling and resonance because we’ve experienced it ourselves. Through the years, we’ve amplified our healing gifts and expanded our spirituality through various, powerful LIVE healing and learning experiences.

And here’s the most fascinating thing of all…

The vision and downloads for this retreat have been streaming in since we visited Mt Shasta together last June. These have been some of the most powerful spiritual downloads we’ve ever received and they have been consistantly occurring for both of us almost simultaneously over the past several months!


We’ve known since our visit to the mountain that we would be doing a spiritual healing retreat there, we knew the land was calling us and a specific group of people there to connect with the mountain, the land, the spiritual guides, and each other to produce an evolutionary leap into Self Mastery…what we didn’t know yet was the name of the retreat which came through just weeks before we began to share the details of this retreat with you. 

As we approach the time to gather at the Moutain with you, we are struck with just how important and BIG this time together is going to be!

We can’t tell you how happy, excited and honoured we are to know that it’s FINALLY the perfect, Divine Time to share this amazing healing retreat with you! 


Sherry Frey

"My retreat experience with Kimberlie and Elysia last year was INCREDIBLE!
As a VIP attendee, I felf the pleasure of being nurtured with a small group of women where we attended the kick-off ceremony to really set our intentions and lock in what we desired for our time there. The retreat facitlity was first class as I expected it would be as both of these ladies have impeccable taste and chose a beautiful place in nature where the energy was just magnetic to do our healing work.

Their huge hearts shine through in all they do and when I received my crystals and retreat goodies encased in a bag of velvet, the love just poured out of their creations! THe retreat ran like clockwork, each day you felt your soul work go deeper into healing the layers and opening up the possibiities that await you when you go home. Till the end of the retreat, ther are was literally electric for me with promise and potential!"


"There is a beautiful word - an energy - that describes the essence of my experience with Elysia and Kimberlile at the retreat and that is the energy of devotion. We experienced it in their devotion to each of our transformation, to our well-being and to our healing on all levels - emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. There was devotion in every moment, in every heaing and in their love and guidance as they brought us back home to our souls. My time at the retreat felt like a Divine Embrace and it has let me rise up and show up in a way that is fully aligned with who I am and how I want to be in the world. Since then, I've experienced more abundance, more peace, more joy, more evolution and expansion n my life and business than ever before. This wasn't just a life-changing experience - it was a life-giving experience. Elysia and Kim are among the Chosen Ones - healers of pure light, pure love and pure integrity. And if you ever have the opportunity to experience their incredible healing gifts and their devotion firsthand, don't let it pass you by!"




The VIP Inner Circle is an extremely intimate experience for the first 7 people to sign up for Sacred Union with the Divine. It includes an additional, personal gathering with both Kimberlie and Elysia that will take place before the official start of the Retreat with the rest of the group. This magical gathering will lay the groundwork to amplify and integrate everything you will receive during the retreat

As part of the VIP inner circle you will receive a hand picked Andara Crystal that we have personally chosen for you which holds a special portal for you to connect to the Heart of Lumuria. We will then guide you on a meditation style journey to wo retrieve a Divine aspect of you that is Lumarian. Connecting you with the Lumarian collective, bringing in a remembering of Lumarian lifetimes, teachings and technologies that have been kept safe within the preserved city of Telos which is located within Mt Shasta.


Our first outing together will be to the The Headwaters of Mt. Shasta where we will collect the Sacred Water there that holds the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in perfect balance. We will then return to our tranquil retreat space for a Sacred Cermony to bless and activate the water. You will drink this water throughout our days together to support the healing and merge of your own Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

Then we will “break bread” together (have a simple meal)…..a time to celebrate a reunion Souls.



This is a gift bag unlike ANY other and ALL participants will receive one. The bag includes a collection of our personal favorite spiritual tools and experiences. Each one of these has been carefully selected to take your You Can Have It All journey to the next level and beyond…and yes, it’s FREE! We want you to feel the energy of delight and astonishment when you receive your bag at the retreat so we are not going to reveal what’s inside yet. Just know that you’re going to LOVE it


We will all gather in a Sacred Pyramid at the base of Mt. Shasta where we will optimize the power of the pyramid and it’s spiritual keeper and gaurdian Ra-Ke-Da as well as ISIS, whose energy is strong there, to run  an attunement that has come in to balance and integrate your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. You will also have some time here to sit with the energies of the pyramid and the mountain in Self Meditation and Reflection, connecting with the amazing guides of this spiritual space.



The Crystal Room is home to some of the most cosmic, magical crystal bowls in the world. We will have our own private crystal bowl sound healing led by Beverly Ann Wilson. Beverly has the most amazing relationship with the crystal bowls in her shop and she uses sound as well spoken word that she channels from the spirit of these magnificent bowls, resulting in a profound individual and unique experience that you will be seared in your memory forever!


We will head to the Stewart Mineral Springs to continue to utilize the healing properties of the waters of Mt Shasta in our healing/activation journey into deep and Sacred Union of the Divine. The mineral water at this spring bubbles up from the ground from two distinct sources named the white water and the red water springs becuase of their respective iron and calcium deposits. The red water represents the male energy and the white water, the female. 

Not only will we have the energies of these Magical Waters to amplify an Attunement that we will run while at the mineral springs, you will also have time to soak in their hot mineral baths, their steam room, and the cold plunge in the natural river mineral pool….and/or bask in the sun on their outdoor deck. This process will saturate your body with essential minerals as well as activate a gentle healing detox…super supportive for all that you will be processing, healing and integrating at the retreat.



Sacred Union with the Divine takes place August 1st, 2nd, 3rd,4th and 5th at the beautiful Mt. Shasta

Pay in Full (Most Popular!)

$ 2,800
  • One-time payment


$ 1,555
  • +2 Monthly Payments of $1,555
Credit Cards       30 Datys Money Back Gurantee       Secure Checkout


This retreat is unlike ANY other as it offers the combines the power of Mt. Shasta with the healing gifts, abilities, knowledge and experience of TWO healers to bring through the power, wisdom and transformational healing energy of The Creator of All That is directly to you.

This is for you only if you are called to expand into your full capacity as a being of limitless possibilities.

The truth is you are infinite light, grace, power and magic and you were born to experience, abundance in all its forms…

Joy, wealth, health, love, beauty, freedom.

Sacred Union with the Divine…it’s not just the name of this retreat.

It’s an unassailable truth. It’s your destiny.

And we know that only those who are called on a deeper level – those who are connected on a soul level – will resonate with this invitation.

So if you are feeling that divine inner “nudge” to join us, we welcome you with open arms and open hearts, and we cannot WAIT to meet you in person!



"There is something very refreshing about having such powerful healers remove blocks and beliefs you didn't even know you had. The feelings I come away with are nothing short of miraculous, and I feel like I have just experienced the most incredible head start, not only for myself and my children, but for my partner as well. Thank you so much Kim and Elysia for sharing the love."

"I have worked with both Elysia and Kimberlie separately and they are both super amazing healers on their own but when they work together something magical happens. Their energies magnify the healings so much! It is a truly amazing experience and the healings are so powerful, it is like they are supercharged. They are both extremely intuitive and powerful healers and they are able to identify and remove beliefs, energies, emotions and anything that is preventing you from living your truth. They both have simply amazing modalities that have the power to change your life completely. I am a practitioner in both modalities and they are simply amazing! The changes that have happened to me in such a short amount of time is nothing short of remarkable. I have eternal gratitude for you both. Having the opportunity to work with both Elysia and Kimberlie live is an awesome opportunity and being in their physical presence will only magnify the healing potency! If you have the opportunity to go to the retreat jump in, you wont regret it and it will change your life for the better!!!!!"

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