Stronger Immune, Health and Living Allergy Free - 12 Week Guided Audio Program

To get started and get the best results from the 12 Week Guided Audio Program, download the Instructions PDF. You can listen to the audios directly from this site or download the files for your personal use. Track your progress by clicking on the "Mark Complete" button within each of the Week pages within the site.

Instructions on how to use your allergy healing Recordings Package

As far as receiving the healing goes, there is no wrong way to do this. Nothing to avoid, nothing special you have to do for it to work other than mentally agree that you would like to receive the healings as you are listening to them, relax, and allow.

Basic Instructions on how to use your recordings:

Step 1) Get Grounded, Connected, and in your own heart space. To help you with this, as a special bonus, I’m including a powerful meditation to assist you in getting into your body and getting grounded. When we are sick, we aren’t grounded. The earth is here to support us with beautiful, loving, renewing energy that feeds our systems. And when we learn to get into our heart, slow down and deepen our breath, we actually ignite our own self healing abilities. I offer you a meditation here that does all of this and more. I call it the Sacred Light Heartbreath Meditation. It can be wonderful to do this upon waking in the morning, but really anytime is a good time. Some people use this meditation before listening to their allergy healings to assist the healing in getting to deeper levels and layers. However you use it, it is powerful and healing all in itself. The more you use this meditation, the deeper you will learn to ground and stay grounded for longer periods of time. I know you’ll love it!

Step 2) Listen to the Feeling Download recording and the Energetic Allergy Healing Activations I have included for you in this package. This sets you up energetically to really begin to heal your body, and your life and takes the healing deeper faster….remembering that most allergies are attached to negative emotions, traumas, and belief systems. You will be healing on many levels. You can listen to these several times throughout your allergy healing journey and even beyond.

Step 3) Read the accompanying PDF on the fundamentals for a more in depth understanding of what we are working on here. This isn’t necessary for the healing, but having an understanding of how it works can in fact help give you additional benefit by allowing you to open up in ways this may increase the flow of healing more easily.

Step 4) Listen to the 1st recording for the Fundamentals

Step 5) Listen to it again every two days or so until you have listened to two or three times before you move onto the next recording. This allows you to heal the various allergens at the deeper levels. Some people may need a little more time to integrate the healing.

Step 6) When you have done steps 3 and 4, this usually takes about a week, move on to Recording number 2 of the fundamentals. Repeat steps 3 and 4 again. You will do this for each of the recordings.

You will notice that I have included an additional healing audio with 9 EAH Activation to go deeper into healing different types of trauma in this package. Trauma is one of the densest energies that creates allergies and inflammation in the body so I’ve creed these healing tools to partner with the allergy healing to accelerate your healing process

Listen to those as you go, I would repeat them several times...once every few days, or once a week as you go through your allergy healings would be ideal as the energies do run for generally several days or longer.

Keep in mind that you may experience some different emotions coming up for you as you clear the allergies, some people feel emotional, anything from sadness to anger. And some people feel tired and need extra sleep. Some people don't experience any of this. You also might notice that different allergy healing recordings may bring a different experience each time. You might feel nothing one time and really tired or sad another. Just remember, this is a temporary process with the end result being more energy and improved emotional well-being. It is a very individual experience. Those who are more sensitive may even feel the energy of the healing as it is occurring.

Important Note:
You may share these recordings with your spouse, children and pets only. Mothers and Fathers are spiritually responsible for their children and pets and are deeply connected to them. Because of this you can accept these allergy healings for your children and pets. This works best when children are under the age of being an adult. You would do this by simply saying, “I accept this healing for myself and for, and name your children and/or pets”, while you are receiving the healing yourself and the energies will run for them too. I DO recommend that children who are able, listen and accept for themselves, as we are all operating under the Universal Law of Free Will. Spouses should listen for themselves, or at least consciously verbally agree that they would like this energy healing work.

Also Important:
Drink extra water to help process the healings with each healing that you do, this will help your body move the energy more easily, and also help you to flush toxins that you will naturally begin to flush from your system.

Using your recordings beyond the initial weeks of listening and receiving the healings….

First of all I suggest going back and listening to the recordings again until you have listened at least 4 to 6 times to get deeper layers that sometimes don’t surface until you have gone through all the recordings a few times...this is because the healings are BIG, and as you complete them all, there will be other allergies that may become “uncovered” that were in one or more of the previous weeks. Also, if you are really immune compromised, you have had many many allergies for a long time and you this means you have more stored traumas, and negative programming to resolve, or are just a more “sensitive” person, if this is you, may need to receive the healings more like between 6 and 10 times each to get it all.

The Weeks with viruses and bacterias are ones you will want to repeat 10 to 12 times over a few weeks. This is because most people can only clear between 3 and 6 Viruses and Bacterias at a time and we store many, many of these in cells and tissues in our bodies and they create inflammation and pain in sometimes the weirdest spots! They can be responsible for back pain, stomach aches, headaches, and more, they are not just about the colds and flus we experience.

The people who really utilize their allergy healing recordings report all kinds of amazing things that happen for them as a result.

TIP: One of the ways to use recordings with the viruses and bacterias for example is to listen to it right away when you start feeling cold or flu symptoms, or food poisoning symptoms come on. Often people wake up symptom free by morning when they do this. You can listen to it a couple times a day if getting sick until symptoms abate. Sometimes your symptoms will disappear in a few hours or overnight, or sometimes it’ll just help you have it less severe than everyone else who is sick around you. Either way is a win!

Extra tip: If you feel like you are getting sick or “coming down with a cold or flu”, add in the weeks recording with all of the “people” allergies to make sure you zap those sick symptoms quickly! Sometimes our immune system going down is really tied into our relationship stresses and triggers and this can be the thing that allows those bacterias and viruses to act up in the first place!

Extra Extra TIP 🙂 - I also suggest taking high dose vitamin C to assist nipping a cold in the bud or is it butt? Lol

High dose means like 3 or 4 thousand milligrams every 3 or 4 hours...if bowels begin to loosen a bit that tells you that you have hit your toleration level, you can back your dose down from there by 1000 milligrams and should be good. Continue to take high doses until cold symptoms abate.

Another TIP: I also suggest listening to the recording where we cleared allergies to people...OFTEN, anytime you are in situations where you are feeling “triggered” by any of your relationships...this really helps to “clean up” those relationships and we can have all different kinds of symptoms go on because of an allergy to a person that is in our life. I used to get total hayfever symptoms around my parents! Those symptoms disappeared simply by healing my allergies to them! Seriously!

DO: Go through and listen to all of your recordings again (you can do 2 or 3 allergy healing recordings at a time over a 3 to 5 days to make it easier, or one a day for 10 days) but DO listen to them again every 2 months, or as you feel is needed, once a month may good for you if you are really sensitive, as we do live in a world full of emotional stressors and some allergies can get activated again when you experience high emotional stress or trauma. Also, we hold all things in layers... beliefs, emotions, even viruses!

Because of this you could also experience what seems like allergies coming back and it can be that you have uncovered another deeper layer where these existed that wasn’t accessible to heal before. I’ve experienced this myself and I see this often in my clients who do a lot of deep healing work.

I want to remind you that depending on where your immune system was coming into the program, how well you supplement your diet with vitamins, minerals and those healthy fats like fish oils, and how well you have followed through with listening to all of your recordings (and it's OK if you need to do this 12 week program at a slower pace, what's important is to finish), you will more than likely continue to detox for a time, deficiencies will continue to correct and balance, and your immune system will continue to strengthen every 3 months or so as your cells renew.

Some of you are going to need to schedule a couple of follow up sessions with me or with another Energetic Allergy Healing Practitioner to identify and clear specific allergies, pathogens, or other energies that may be lingering to get to the bottom of all the health issues you would like resolved. I would say about 60% or 70% of all who come through this program, or any allergy healing program I have done in the past, benefit from or need somewhere between 2 and 4 follow up sessions to resolve any remaining issues that don’t feel at least 80% resolved when the program is complete or up to 3 months following completion.

When you have listened to all of the recordings as instructed and still have some lingering issues or are just feeling stuck, please DO reach out. I can get you on my schedule if my calendar is open, or I can refer you to other miracle working EAH practitioners for private sessions.

Several of my very happy clients needed some follow ups to get their deepest most chronic issues healed.

Just one more thing - As a favor to me - If you feel moved to contribute, it would mean so much to me to have testimonials, shares, wins, for Allergy Healing! This lights me up, but it also really helps others to make that decision to get this healing work for themselves. 🙂

Thank you for having the courage to go on this healing journey, for saying YES to better health, for saying YES I deserve to feel good and enjoy my life! 

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