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CoCreating Miracles with Sacred Light: Advanced Certification Class begins February 19th at 1:00 pm pst

We are BEYOND excited to share what has been coming through this past year and what we have been working on together to teach, YES, to pass on to YOU!

We have spent months creating new high level healing tools and methods that are extremely thorough and based on our combined 20 years of real life experience doing this work in the world.

Hi! We are Elysia Hartzell and Kimberlie Carlson, healers, teachers, and leaders in spiritual awakening and development, paving the way to higher dimensional and multidimensional living. 

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A little bit more about us…

We have been best friends since we were 17 years old. We didn’t know it then, but we were on the same spiritual path, our divine paths were intertwined,  and today we often work together to guide and assist others to embody their own Divinity and become Master Creators of their own lives by harnessing their own magic and power, assisting others in Creating from their highest potential.

One of the ways that we do this is by empowering YOU with our combined spiritual knowledge and healing experience, and also by activating you and gifting you with some specific tools that we use ourselves everyday with phenomenal, even miraculous results not only for ourselves and our families, but also for our clients.

And we do this by unlocking, igniting and super powering up YOUR natural healing abilities……

Opening and activating abilities that are unique to you, that are part of your individual divinely blueprinted soul purpose work and life journey.

Welcome to CoCreating Miracles with Sacred Light: Advanced Healing Certification

This is the only comprehensive advanced certification class that offers these high level spiritual technologies and healing tools that will allow you to create life-altering experiences for yourself and your clients that bring deep transformation in all areas of life.

These tools and technologies create huge energetic upgrades for spiritual advancement and the acceleration into 5th dimensional frequencies and beyond for yourself and others!

In this 8 Week Class you will receive:

Brand NEW high level healing tools and methods
Powerful Activations to upgrade your energies and prepare you to do higher level work
Advanced sacred energetic structure that will be personalized and unique to your soul print for you to do your sacred work in
Leading edge spiritual technology that will assist you in sensing, identifying and clearing entities, implants, distortion, and disharmony in your body, subtle bodies, and field
Ground breaking sacred technology to clear from the deepest layers and levels even that which we have no mental grasp of and no language for
New deeper ways of working with the Akash that will allow you to develop a personal relationship with this consciousness
An additional training along with activations for those newer to energy work to prepare you for the higher energies and technologies of the advanced healing work coming through for this class

The magic that will take your healing work to new depths and heights in just 8 weeks, CoCreating Miracles with Sacred Light...begins Wednesday, June 12th

Lesson 1

CoCreating Sacred Light Foundations for Advanced Work

This is a BRAND NEW addition to this class! We have added this week in to ensure that no matter what healing background you are coming into this class with, you will have the strong foundations needed for the advanced Sacred Light Tools and Technologies we will be bringing through in the weeks ahead.

Lessons 2 and 3

Bringing in Upgraded Energies and Light Structures

We will focus the next on really going deep with healing and activating attunements – Preparing your energy field to do higher levels of healing work and creating optimal space for the new energetic structures required to work with the high level, multidimensional technologies that will be brought in and activated during this course.

Lesson 3

Sacred Light Temple

Creating a Sacred Energetic Structure for you to do your healing work. This will be your space for working with your sacred advanced technologies, to connect with your guides and galactic team, working with them not only on a whole new level, but in a whole new way.

Lesson 4

Advanced Sacred Light Tools

We will be attuning you to new high level healing tools that will allow healing and transformation to go deeper than ever before to heal trauma, negative programming, karmic patterns, and so much more….

Lesson 5

Sacred Light Energy Reader

We will be bringing in this advanced spiritual technology to allow you to see/sense entities and implants, distortion, debris, and disharmony in the subtle bodies and energetic fields, disease and disharmony in the physical body, oaths, vows, contracts, and curses, hooks, cords, attachments and tethers, negative crystalized thought forms, and trauma held in the subtle bodies, along with soul fragments and/or aspects of self to be healed and integrated. We will be bringing this Technology into your Sacred Light Temple.

Lesson 6

Sacred Light Releasing Vortex

This advanced technology allows all of this work to go even deeper, pulling crystalized thought forms, trauma, and emotions that are deeply buried, pulling even what is unknown because of our limitations in knowledge and language. This will also be brought into your Sacred Light Temple.

Lesson 7

Developing a Deeper Relationship with the Akash

We live in a time where more people are now able to access the Akash than ever before and more is opened to us there than ever before. We will take you on an attunement journey to bring in your own unique technology to activate your relationship with the Akash in a way that has never been done before, using the 5th dimensional energies and above that have come through for this advanced class.


 Bonus for Paying In Full:

Private 30 minute session with both Elysia Hartzell AND Kimberlie Carlson together for an amplified healing session. ($333 Value!)

Live Q&A and Support

Group Support with Kimberlie and Elysia

You don’t have to worry about going at it alone. Through our exclusive community we’ll be answering your questions and offering support.

You’ll also have the support of each other including practice partners! 🙂

Throughout the course — and after — you’ll be able to post your questions to get clarity on what you may be experiencing and guidance on how to move through it with greater ease. We’ll go through the questions and address them in a group format for the benefit of all.

Register for CoCreating Miracles with Sacred Light. We begin Wednesday, February 19th at 1:00 Pm Pt

This 7 week Certification Class is $1497, Payment options below


$ 1497 One-time payment


$ 555 3 payments billed monthly


$ 297 6 payments billed monthly
Credit Cards       30 Datys Money Back Gurantee       Secure Checkout


All calls will be on Wednesdays at 1:00 PM PT/4:00 PM PT

Many people have come through the program without attending any live calls, and that is perfectly fine. You will have forever access to all class recordings and materials, and we are available for answering questions inside the Facebook support group.

No, you can complete the classes in the time frame that works for you. You will have forever access to all class recordings and materials. You will receive your certification once you have completed all classes. I am also available for support inside the Facebook group beyond the live class time. The Facebook group is a very active and supportive group, with about 150 Sacred Soul Alignment practitioners.

This is an “advanced healing class”, so it would be ideal for you to have some experience “running energy”. That being said, we will provide you with the solid foundation needed to integrate and use the advanced techniques and tools you will be receiving in this class. (If you have any questions about whether this class is right for you, please reach out to us and we will be happy to have a conversation to help determine this for you)

In order to receive certification, you must complete all trainings and facilitate 5 practice sessions working with all of the tools you receive in this program (we will be practicing these tools together in class as well, to ensure everyone understands them and becomes comfortable using all of the tools)

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